Uneeda Doll Co.

Hee Wees dolls by Uneeda

Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

Uneeda Doll Company, based in New York, has manufactured a wide variety of dolls since 1917. They are best known for their ’50s and ’60s vinyl dolls; multi-jointed Dollikin, fashion dolls Suzette and Miss Suzette, the miniature Pee Wees line and the unusual Little Sophisticates series.

Collecting Uneeda dolls can be confusing, as the company often used the same names for different dolls.

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  1. I have a uneeda doll that i got at an auction of stuff and the doll looks like it is old. when i got it it was naked though. the doll is redheaded and hard plastic body but the head is a different kind of plastic. and the uniqueness of this doll is that its hair grows by pulling a string from its private area. ( which is strange). did they make dolls with strings in that area? all the ones i have seen had the string in the back. anyways if you are interested in seeing this doll i would be glad to send pics and see if you can give me more information about this doll ..

    • Donna, it sounds like you know more about her than I do! This page on the Crissy and Beth website shows several Uneeda growing hair dolls. Does she look like any of them?

  2. My Mom has a 25inch Uneeda walking Bride Doll. Do you have any idea of its worth?

  3. question is uneeda doll company still in nyc and i have a question about a doll

  4. i have a pink ballernia doll i got in nov 1957 for my birthday bueb i can”t find anything about it it ia a eneeda doll nombered 28 regular type of doll-20″talll but she has pink hair and apink tutu very weird for 19587 , which might be why i wanted g her, anything would be helpful, thanks. ann

  5. I’ve just spent the past hour reading your website. Thank you for all the time and work I know you put into it. I’m also writing to see if you might be able to help me a little or direct me to someone who might. I was looking for information on a Uneeda doll that I’ve had for over 50 years. She’s roughly 30″ tall and has 5 moving joints. I know she’s not a dollikin (this one has only 5 moving parts) but since nothing other than Uneeds Doll Co is stamped on her I was wondering if she has a name of if you know any more about her. Since she’s such a big part of my past and I hope to give her to my granddaughter soon, I’l love to know a little more about her.

    I’m not on facebook but I was able to upload 2 photos of her which you’ll find at the links below. I’m grateful for any help you can give me. Thank you, Barbara



    • Barbara, your doll’s name is Freckles. Her head was designed by a woman named Deet D’Andrade, who was a freelance doll sculptor in New York City. She was only made for a year or two. She is lovely! Thanks for writing!

  6. I have my first doll she has the #25-11 on her head, I am trying to find out were I can get parts for her,.she is vinyl.made in the 1960’s she is about 60 years old

  7. Hello I have been given a uneeda doll 3176/me m.c.m.l.x.x.v.l on the back of its head she comes up to your knees talks has blonde hair gold earrings and a blue top and skirt and blue and white necklace can you tell me anything about this doll and its value thank you

    • Can you measure her and let me know exactly how tall she is? Uneeda made a lot of large dolls and my knees might not be the same height as yours. :)

  8. hi I recently found a small doll that the pacage said it was made by aneeda. The toy is called l’il bumpkins . it doesn’t really say much and when I googled it only brought me to one person who was selling 10 of them on e bay. I tried lookingup the barcode and there is a “asstmt no.” but im also not sure what it is. If you have any ideas on this product it would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I have a 1958 19″ Uneeda 2S Dollikin that I needs restringing repairs and cleaning and hair style refreshing. Where to have it done? Thanks for help with this. And Happy New Year!

  10. Hi- I am trying to redo a Uneeda doll. She is soft body, plastic arms and legs, 15″ tall and is colored. I was told she originally had 2 braids. She is probably from the early to mid 90’s. I really need to know what the hair looked like as I need to re-wig her. Thanks

    • I’m assuming you mean she is a black doll and not purple or orange. I was not able to find anything on her, she is too new to be in the collector books just yet, and there’s no book on Uneeda dolls in general. Perhaps somebody else will post with info.

  11. Hello:
    I have a doll that says UNEEDA 36-31 on her neck, she has shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, she is wearing a red plaid dress, with red tights and black shoes. I would guess she is probably about 36 inches tall and she has a red purse with a penguin on it. Just hoping you can give me some info on it, like its age and worth. Any info would be great appreciated.

    • Kitty, Uneeda made life size “companion” dolls over a span of many years, so she could date anywhere from the early 1960s. They were probably still making them in the ’90s. They used the names Toddles and Wispy Walker, and probably others. Since these dolls can wear real children’s clothes, it is nearly impossible to know whether they are wearing their original outfit unless you can find a catalog photo. For tips on researching values, see my post What Is My Doll Worth?

  12. RE: Uneeda Doll Co, 1966, ‘7’

    You really do have rather extensive knowledge on the Uneeda dolls
    Similar to everyone else, I am hoping that you can assist me.

    I am not able to find info on a 18in Uneeda doll. She is hard plastic from head to toe. She has red hair (in a bun-style) and blue moveable eyes.

    Would you happen to have any info. on her?
    Thanks for your help!

    • I know the doll you are referring to, but I don’t know her name. The 1966 date is a copyright date, meaning she would have likely been made starting in 1967. She is not in the 1975 catalog that I have, so she was not produced over a long period. If you find out who she is, please post again.

  13. I came across a doll with the marking Uneeda 2s at a thrift store. From what I can tell she is in her original fan pattern outfit. Her hair was in a bun. When I took her outfit off she fell apart. Other than being in pieces she is in very good shape. My questions are …… How do I get her fixed? Would I be able to do it myself? How do I clean her outfit? Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

    • MaryAnne, it sounds like you have a Dollikin. Like many other dolls, she is strung together with hooks and elastic. However, she is much more complicated than most dolls and has more parts. This page has links to a stringing diagram and instructions, but if you have not had experience stringing dolls before, it may be better to get some assistance. Try the Doll Doctors Association website or join the Dollikin Friends group to find someone to help you. You should be able to clean her outfit with cool water and mild soap.

  14. Thank you so much for your help.

  15. I found a tall (about 24″) black Uneeda doll. Short straight black hair with a fuzzy white beret. Her hair has black rubber-bands and ribbons on both sides oh her head and matching mini-dress with 2 gold buttons above a black plastic belt, black wavy cloth ribbon sewn around the cuffs and going up along the buttons and white with black polka dot plastic boots and white panties.
    On the back of her neck it says 1967 with the number 198.
    Except for some white blotches on her eyelids and eyes this doll is in pristene condition – any idea who she is and what she is worth?

    • Jennifer, I don’t have a Uneeda catalog for that year but their larger size dolls around that time period were usually named Miki or Wispy Walker. For tips to figuring out her value, check out my post, “How Much Is My Doll Worth?” She may be difficult to research, as you won’t find too many of the larger dolls in excellent condition to compare her to – they are usually quite played with. The white spots on her eyes are mold – try to clean it off with a wooden toothpick if you can. Don’t wash off her eyes, because if water gets in them it will just make the mold worse. If you get a chance, I would love to see a photo of her – you can post on my Facebook page. Thanks for writing.

  16. I am going through some old toys of mine , and I don’t plan on parting with my Uneeda doll. I love this doll! However, curiosity about what her name is led me to your site. The Roman numerals on her head are MCMLXXXIII. There is also another number on her head – z483t0. Can anyone help me figure out her name?

  17. I have a walking doll with the inscriptions on back of neck.

    1970 Oneeda doll company year might be wrong
    Made in China

    On its back BBC4903211-bm. Can you give any info. Thanks

    • Elsie, dolls were not being made in China in 1970 so that date must be incorrect. A doll made in China would date to the 1980s at the very earliest. Uneeda has made lots of walking dolls over the years – unfortunately there is no index of the marks on newer dolls, so that doesn’t narrow it down at all. Your best bet would be to search eBay and Google for Uneeda walking doll, and see if you can find a similar one with an original box or tag that would help to identify her.

  18. I have a 14 inch vinyl baby doll with molded hair and blue sleep eyes from the late 1950s or early 1960s I think. If you squeeze her, she cries. She is dressed in a light pink hat and Christening type outfit. She came with a pink wicker cradle.

    Markings on the back of her head — Uneeda. looks like 3T 24. And on the back of her neck — 516-26. Any idea who she is?

    Thank you

  19. Hi,
    I have found a doll from my gma’s stuff. It is 25in tall, red curly hair with side ponytails, and blue eyes. Her eyes open and close when moved from standing to lying down. Her face is a little darker than her body. The markings on the back of her head say Uneeda Doll Co 19©67 made in twain and the number 19 under that. Can you tell me anything about her? I doubt the clothes she has on are original, but it’s red pants and a red shirt that buttons in the back.
    Thank you!

    • The date on her head (1967) is the copyright date. That usually means the doll was produced beginning in the following year, but could have been made for several years afterward. I don’t have a 1968 catalog, but here is Walking Miki from the 1975 catalog. She was sold in various hair colors, hair styles, and outfits. Does she look anything like her?
      Walking Miki doll by Uneeda 1975

  20. Hi, I have a 32″ Uneeda 12 doll. She has a tiny waist and little boobs, green eyes, red curly hair, freckles and her teeth show. I got her in the late 50s. I’d like to find where I can get her hair and eye lashes redone – and what her name is if possible. I’ve only ever seen one other like her and she had lost her hair and eye lashes. Any help would be appreciated.

  21. Just found your page! I have a small doll, 25 cm tall, with blond hair in pigtails.;
    on top of head.,blue eyes.
    She has these words on back of neck UNEEDA DOLL CO.INC
    She also has printing on her back.Dressed in orange top and blue long pants,[may not be original] Is she old or valuable? Thank you if you can help!

  22. I have a talking bear that says “Hug me and hear Country Western Music”. He wears a red bandanna around his neck and has a straw cowboy hat with red beads around his neck. I dont know if the hat and beads were added or original. The tag on his paw says Uneeda Doll Co. Inc. Woolbro Distributors Ltd United Kingdom and made in China. I cant find any info on this bear.
    Perhaps you can help. Thanks.

    • Hi, sorry I don’t know anything about bears. China became a center for manufacturing in the ’80s, so he is certainly no older than that.

  23. Hi I have a Uneeda doll that was given to me by my godfather when I was about 9 years old. Its still in its original box never opened. I was wondering if you would know the value of this doll?the dolls name is Rebecca and if I’m not mistaking the copyright wad 1977?

    • Hi Rose, the dolls Uneeda made in that time period are not widely collected and so don’t have much value, even when still in the original box. Enjoy her as a childhood memento.

  24. I was looking for a 1962 Uneeda Blabby doll in as close to mint condition if that is at all possible–The dolls I have seen either had a lot of wear & tear and hair cut –they looked hidious to me–My sister and I each had a Blabby doll when we were little girls and I was just try to look it up and try to find a fairly decent one
    Thank you for any help

    • Hi Brenda, the best places to look for dolls online are eBay, Etsy, RubyLane and the new Doll Shops United. On eBay and RubyLane you can save your searches to be notified when a new one is listed. A mint Blabby will be hard to come by, but if you keep looking, one will turn up eventually. Good luck in your quest!

  25. Hello,
    I hope you can help me place a value on 2 dolls I found in my father’s attic. they are in the original packaging. Box on both have a date of 1977. One is a Lorrie Walker and the other is a Miss Wispy Walker. Both are between 22 and 30 inches tall. Miss Wispy Walker is dressed in 70’s style clothes and the other has a country feel style dress. Both are in mint condition and never opened. I tried locating them on EBAY but nothing like them come up. I hope you can help me or point me in the right direction. Thanks.

    • Hi John,
      the best place to find out what dolls are worth is on eBay, so you were in the right place…just at the wrong time! The larger dolls are hard to find in the original boxes, so it may take awhile for a similar one to show up. On eBay, after you search for an item, you can then save your search so that eBay will notify you when a new item is listed. That would be the best thing to do. I’m sure there are plenty of out-of-box examples listed, as they are not uncommon dolls, but most people selling these types of dolls do not know their names, which makes them harder to track down.

  26. I have 3 HeeWees and 2 PeeWees I have no idea about these dolls ( still in the boxes) help me please.

  27. My uneeda doll 1969 1970 has a number 13 stamped on the back of her head. She has red hair and brown eyes that open/close. Her lips are closed and pink. She is 19″ tall. I’ve had her since I was a little girl, got her as a Christmas present in 70 or 71. I believe the dress she had at that time was a light green plaid but I don’t really remember. She’s been through many military moves and has been naked for many years. I’d love to dress her in as close to original clothes as possible. Any ideas where I can find?