Apr 252011

Effanbee’s composition Patsy was a real trendsetter. Debuting in the 1920’s, she was one of the first American made dolls who was truly modern. She reflected the big changes that were occurring in fashion and society – flappers, bobbed hair, short skirts for little girls. Patsy was a smash hit and Effanbee took the opportunity to put out a whole series of similar dolls in different sizes. Among them were Patsy Ann, Patsy Lou, Patsy Mae, Patsy Baby, and this little sweetheart, Patsyette. At 9″ tall, Patsyette was the perfect size for a little girl to take everywhere. This darling set in the original cardboard case holds a dressed doll and three extra outfits. Photo courtesy of Debbie’s Dolls.

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  1. I love Patsy dolls. Patsy was the only doll my Mama ever talked about having. I collected them for awhile, but unfortunately, the humidity & heat where I live is too hard on them, so I had to re-home them. I do have a Wee Patsy repro, though.

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