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Collette by Cragstan Industries is an unusual doll mannequin whose body pops apart to fit her clothing pieces onto her. There is no date on the box or doll, but the patent (2964873) was granted in 1960, so she was likely manufactured in 1961 or ’62. American Character made a similar doll called Popi, but she has fewer joints than Collette.

Cragstan Industries was better known for the mechanical toys and novelties they imported, but they did sell some dolls, which were made in Hong Kong. The company had offices in New York City and a warehouse in Bayonne, NJ. They began in business as Craig-Stanton Sales Corp. in 1954. By 1961 they were doing business under the name Cragstan Industries. The company dissolved in 1988.

Body Construction
Collette She measures 9 1/4″ tall, and is all vinyl with pop-apart jointed at her neck (two places), shoulders, mid-bust and waist. Her hips are also jointed, but the legs are not removable. The two pieces of her torso are molded in black to make it appear that she is wearing a strapless teddy or swimsuit. The lower edge of her neck piece is beaded to look like she is wearing a necklace. She has painted blue side-glancing eyes, and a dark blonde wig pulled back into a bun. See back view.

Collette comes with a sheet of fabric with her outfit pieces printed in multiple colors. She can be “dressed” by cutting out and positioning the clothing pieces to make six different outfits, as shown on the front of the box. Some of the pieces can also be mixed and matched to make variations. Collette comes wearing black flat shoes.

Collette’s box opens up to display her on a stage. A four page insert included with her explains the process of dressing her. See page 1page 2page 3page 4.

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