Mar 112016

Abigail Adams is 17.5″ tall, with a porcelain shoulder head, arms and legs on a cloth body. Her head was made by artist Diana Lence Crosby as the souvenir for the United Federation of Doll Clubs’ convention, held in Boston in 1978. The design of the doll’s head was modeled after the earliest known portrait of Abigail Adams, painted at the time of her marriage to John Adams in 1764.

As was customary in the earlier days of UFDC, convention attendees received the head of the doll only, and had to purchase the limbs and make the body and clothes themselves, or have it finished by a third party. This example of Abigail is especially well dressed. She wears a two piece dress made with antique fabric, lace and tiny buttons. Underneath she has a cotton chemise, corset, bust pads to give her a little shape, cotton petticoat and wool petticoat. This doll received two red ribbons for her costuming in 1979, but unfortunately, the name of the seamstress was not recorded.

Convention attendees also received the souvenir journal, which includes a paper doll of Abigail by Pat Stall.

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