Elise’s Ballerina Outfits

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Apr 232014

Elise’s ballerina outfits can be tricky to identify because most of them are very similar with only small changes from year to year.

Please note: Alexander used the same stock numbers repeatedly. The number at the end of the description refers to the source where a photo of the outfit may be found. See legend at bottom of page.

#1635 – 1957 – Pale or deep pink or blue ballerina tutu with attached nylon tulle skirt, satin bodice decorated with flowers has satin ribbon shoulder straps that tie in back; circlet of flowers in hair; pink tights; satin ballet slippers. Some have skirt sprinkled with sequins.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls

#1712 – 1958 – Pink ballerina costume; same as #1635 of 1957.

#1725 – 1958 – Pink ballerina tutu has skirt of multiple layers of nylon tulle, attached satin bodice with ruff of pleated tulle around neckline and floral sash; floral headpiece; nylon tights; satin ballet slippers. B&W in #1, color in #7

#1810 – 1959 – Gold Ballerina outfit with attached full gold net skirt, neckline trimmed with sequins; gold sequined tiara; pink tights; gold ballet slippers; gold earrings. Matches Cissette outfit #713. Color in #2 and #12

#1720 – 1960 – Ballerina tutu of shell pink pleated nylon tulle with satin bodice, decorated with rosebuds and rhinestones; shoulders straps are of tulle and there is a tulle sash gathered at the waist; coronet of flowers; nylon tights; ballet slippers. B&W in #1

#1825 – 1961 – Ballerina tutu with multilayered tulle skirt and taffeta bodice trimmed with flowers; shoulder straps are of tulle; coronet of flowers; tights; ballet slippers. B&W in #1

#1740 – 1962 – Tulle ballerina tutu in blue, pink or white has bodice decorated with sequins, attached tulle skirt sprinkled with rosebuds; pink hose; pink ballet slippers; rhinestone earrings. The blue version has gold sequins with a matching sequined headband; white version has white sequins; pink version has pink sequins and a headband of rosebuds. Color (blue version) in #2 and #6

#1720 – 1963 – Pink or Blue ballerina costume of satin bodysuit; separate pleated tulle tutu skirt with tiny pink roses, blue satin ribbon waistband; headband of pink roses; pale pink tights and ballet slippers; tiny rhinestone earrings.
#? – Year? – Blue tutu has satin bodice, gathered tulle around the armholes but not the neckline; pleated tulle skirt; spray of pink rosebuds hangs from waist and pink rosebuds scattered on skirt; tights and ballet slippers. Sold as an extra outfit.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

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Oct 012013

Maskerade Magic doll by Eegee, 1976

Eegee’s Maskerade Magic is a fun set that includes a 14″ boy or girl doll with five different masks for the doll to wear. Four different sets were pictured in the catalog, but the sets with the boy dolls seem to be rare or nonexistent. It is possible they were not produced beyond the prototype stage.

Maskerade Magic doll by Eegee, 1976

Body Construction
The doll has a vinyl head and heads with a soft stuffed cloth body. He or she has painted eyes and rooted hair. The clothing is part of the body.

The doll is marked “EEGEE Co. // 12D // Made in Hong Kong” on the back of her head.

The girl doll wears a blue skirt over her purple, blue and green cloth body. The boy doll’s body is made to look like a striped shirt and rust colored pants. His feet are black.

Maskerade Magic doll by Eegee, 1976

The girl doll is most often found with the set that includes a nurse, red haired and black haired princesses, majorette and blonde bride masks. She was also packaged in an alternate set that included the majorette and one of the princesses, plus clown, bear and bunny masks. The boy may be packaged with firefighter, doctor, pirate, football player and cowboy masks; or with the clown, bear, pirate, a Frankenstein and a character with blue skin and a gold (?) helmet. I don’t recognize that last one but he may be a comic character.

Maskerade Magic doll by Eegee, 1976

Although the catalog illustrations shown picture the doll packaged on the left side of the box, with the masks on the right, all the actual sets I have seen have the doll in the middle with the masks on either side.

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Walking Sisters in Checked Dresses (1960s)

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Jul 242013

These two dolls are 28″ tall, with soft vinyl heads, rigid vinyl arms, and blow molded vinyl torsos and legs. They are completely unmarked. They have short rooted hair and green sleep eyes with brush lashes. They have walking mechanisms that don’t work well, and their heads do not turn. They wear checked dresses with slightly different design, nylon panties, rayon knit socks and red vinyl Mary Jane shoes. Do you know who they are?

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Dolls by Madison, Ltd. (1970s-80s)

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Jul 222013

Madison, Ltd., marketed a variety of dolls and toys in the 1970s and 1980s. They were headquartered in Hackensack, NJ, but the dolls were made overseas.

Tracy is 11.5″ tall, all vinyl, dressed in a floral print dress with attached, lace-trimmed apron, and matching bonnet. Her rooted hair is styled with a sausage curl on either side of her face. She has blue sleep eyes with long lashes. She is marked “Hong Kong” on the back of her head, and “Made in Hong Kong” on her back. The illustrations on her box are obviously meant to invoke Holly Hobbie.

Sweet Susan is a bent-leg vinyl drink-and-wet baby. She is 11″ long and has bright blue sleep eyes with long lashes. She has molded hair underneath her rooted hair. Susan wears a lace-trimmed, flocked nightie and comes in a gift set with two other outfits plus accessories. She is marked on her back “Hong Kong // BLUE BOX”. Blue Box was the name of another doll company at this time – so either Madison purchased the dolls from them and dressed them; or else Madison and Blue Box were somehow related.

Rag Mop Kids are a boy and girl with vinyl head and hands, cloth body and yarn hair. They have painted blue eyes and freckles. Their bodies are made of red and white gingham, to look like shirts under her jumper and his overalls. Their red felt shoes are part of their bodies. They had extra outfits which would also fit Cabbage Patch Kids.

Dolls of All Nations is a series of twelve 9″ vinyl girl dolls wearing various international (mostly European) costumes.

Li’l Jenny is a drink-and-wet 8″ girl doll with her hair in braids. She has blue sleep eyes with long lashes.

Happy Clown is a dark skinned clown with rooted green hair. There may have been a white version as well.

“String Puppets” are marionettes including Donny and Marie Osmond; super heroes Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman; and Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and Goofy. These are sought after by collectors.

Action Soldier is a GI Joe knockoff. He had extra outfits available.

Galaxy Fighters are similar to the Masters of the Universe action figures, with big muscles.

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Jul 142013

My Toy is primarily known for their dolls and animals with vinyl faces and plush bodies, but they made a variety of dolls and toys in the 1960s.

Some My Toy products:

My Toy Pajama Bag This Plush Pal pajama bag is typical of many of My Toy’s vinyl face dolls, except that instead of a full plush body, she has just the arms and torso, and her lower half is a zippered, lined pajama bag. She measures about 15″ tall, with hair rooted only around the top of her face. She probably dates to the late fifties or early sixties.
My Toy Half Pint doll Half Pints are 4.25″ dolls, with oversized heads and vinyl bodies wired for posability. Marked on the back of the head: 1966 MY TOY CO INC. They came with cool little accessories. The doll in the blue sleeper came in a yellow crib with rattle, comb, brush. The girl dolls all have the same face mold, there is also a boy doll dressed as a railroad engineer, with a different face. They don’t appear to have individual names. See more here: http://webspace.webring.com/people/ml/liddledolls/stories.html

Tiny Terry is 6″ tall, with the same head as the smaller girl dolls, but a more proportional body, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She was sold in various outfits with a small accessory, such as a poodle or phone. She has long straight hair with bangs in various shades, including bright orange.

A very rare and highly sought after My Toy doll is Witchiepoo, from the television show H.R. Pufnstuf, made in 1970. She is 20″ tall, with a green vinyl head, hands and feet, orange yarn hair and a cloth body.