Penny Doll by Beehler Arts

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Feb 102016

From her clothing boxes, we can tell that Beehler Arts’ Penny doll is 10.5″ tall. She is probably a Little Miss Revlon type doll, with high heel feet and a lady body. She may be similar or identical to the Beehler Arts doll pictured in “Glamour Dolls of the 1950s & 1960s” by Polly and Pam Judd. That doll has a rigid vinyl one-piece torso and legs, jointed only at the neck and shoulders, with a softer vinyl head and arms. She has short blonde hair, blue sleep eyes, and three slanted painted eyelashes at the outer corner of each eye. She is unmarked. The doll is shown with her original box, which has similar graphics to the Penny clothing boxes, although the Penny name is not used. One telling feature is that her blue swimsuit is made from felt, the same fabric that is used in all of Penny’s outfits.

Known Outfits for Penny:

#357 – Date Dress – is a halter-top dress with black felt bodice and leopard-print taffeta skirt. A black felt hat and white taffeta panties complete the outfit. See photo above.

#353 – Visiting – is a blue felt dress with a hot pink felt flower riveted to the front of the skirt. A matching hat with elastic strap and white taffeta panties are included. See photo below.

#361 – Hostess – is a black felt halter top with hot pink metallic lace peplum and ties. Matching black felt pants and a lace headband are the other components. See photo at top.

Penny’s outfits are packaged in cardboard boxes with pink and blue graphics. On the sides of the packages, they are marked “Manufactured by Beehler Arts, New York 6, NY”.

Under their Virga label, Beehler also made a 10″ hard plastic doll called Penny Walker, but she is a toddler rather than a glamour doll.

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