Grannykins / Grandma dolls by Royal & Jolly

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May 062013

Grannykins / Grandma doll by Royal Doll Co. & Jolly Toys

Grannykins sold by Royal Doll Co. and Grandma sold by Jolly Toys are the same doll. They have the face and hair of an older woman, with a regular high heeled glamour doll body, and date to the late fifties/early sixties. Because dolls have been found with a variety of markings, it is not certain which company actually made them. A rare Grandpa doll was made as well.

Body Construction
The Grandma doll pictured is 19″ tall, all vinyl, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has salt-and-pepper hair pulled back in a bun, with curly bangs. She has gray-green sleep eyes with brush lashes, and pale pink lips and fingernails. Her ears are pierced. Other dolls were made with all white hair, or styled in a widow’s peak without the bangs. Some dolls are jointed at the waist.

Grannykins / Grandma doll by Royal Doll Co. & Jolly Toys

The doll pictured is marked 20-5-SG on her upper back, with nothing on her head. Some dolls are marked “A ROYAL DOLL” with a copyright symbol on the back of their heads. Other dolls are completely unmarked.

This Grandma wears an evening gown with a black velvet bodice and black nylon skirt flocked with white stripes and glitter. She carries a black velvet stole lined in silver lame, accented with a rose. Underneath she wears a plain, stiff petticoat and nylon panty. She has nylons and plastic heels as well. Her jewelry consists of a pearl necklace and drop pearl earrings. The Granny dolls were either sold in long prairie style dresses, or more modern evening gowns like this one. Some Granny dolls were sold wearing glasses.

Grannykins / Grandma doll by Royal Doll Co. & Jolly Toys

Granny dolls were sold in boxes with a large cello window in the front to display them.

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