Miss Twist doll by Uneeda – a Dollikin variation (1962)

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May 092013

Photo courtesy of Laura Meisner.

Miss Twist is a variation of Uneeda’s Dollikin doll, marketed to capitalize on the “Twist” dance craze of the early 1960s.

Body Construction & Markings
For general information on body construction and markings, see the Dollikin page. Miss Twist was sold with a black curly bob hairdo and heavy black eye paint.

She wears an ivory satin dress with layers of fringe on the skirt and around the neckline–sort of a flapper effect, with a matching headband and drop pearl earrings. She is pictured above with one of the regular line Dollikins.

There is a photo of Miss Twist in her box on Valerie Myers’ website

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Dollikin Ballerina by Uneeda (1959-62?)

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Apr 242013

Dollikin Ballerina doll by Uneeda

Body Construction
The Dollikin Ballerina is the same doll as the regular Dollikin, but she has a few specific traits. Her hair is usually black, and is styled into either a chignon with severe widow’s peak, or a short fluffy bubblecut. This doll did not generally have pierced ears. Her eye paint is exaggerated, with long black painted lashes at the outer corner of each eye, and black eyebrows. The less common blonde dolls have eyelashes and brows painted brown instead of black.

Markings are the same as Dollikin.

The Dollikin Ballerina seems to have been available in a wide variety of costumes, generally in satin with lace or tulle. All came with cotton tights and soft vinyl slippers. The dressed doll pictured above wears a very stiff ivory-colored (may have been white at one time) costume with ivory, purple and green lace sleeves, with the same lace forming the skirt over a layer of tulle. Other costumes included a tutu edged with silver braid, with pink or lavender tulle skirt and sleeves covered with silver dots; and a red long sleeved dress which looks more like an ice skating or majorette outfit.

The Ballerina doll was sold in different packaging from the regular Dollikin. The Ballerina’s box has her posed as if she is dancing, attached to a black and white backing card illustrated with her in various positions. The front of the box is curved and has a large plastic window to display her beautifully. You can see a photo of her on Valerie Myers’ website.

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