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Once Barbie had a boyfriend (Ken), the next logical step was for her to acquire a best friend to share her secrets with (not to mention her clothes!). Midge debuted in 1963.

Vintage Barbie's best friend, Midge by Mattel

Redheaded Midge dolls wear a chartreuse & orange swimsuit. Blondes get two shades of blue; brunettes wear a hot pink top and red bottom.
Photo courtesy of Withington Auction, Inc.

The first version of Midge had the same straight leg body as Barbie, with a new head mold. She was available as a blonde, brunette or redhead, in a short flip hairdo with bangs, and blue eyes. Most dolls have a closed mouth smile and freckles; but some have no freckles, or a small white area painted between her lips to indicate teeth. Midge was sold in a two piece swimsuit with white open toe shoes. The color of the swimsuit varied according to the doll’s hair color. This first version of Midge was available from 1963 through ’66.

In 1964, Wig Wardrobe Midge was introduced. This set included a Midge head with a short, molded hairstyle, and three wigs for her to wear.

Midge's Wig Wardrobe by Mattel

Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

In 1965, Barbie and Midge got a new bendable leg body. Bendable Leg Midge had a new, short pageboy hairstyle with an aqua ribbon headband, a one piece multicolor striped swimsuit, and aqua open toe shoes. She was again available in three different hair colors.

Mattel stopped using the Midge name for many years until re-introducing her with a new head mold in the late ’80s. The original Midge head mold continued to be used throughout the mod era for Barbie’s friend PJ. Mattel made a reproduction of the original Midge in 1997.

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