Dolls by Madison, Ltd. (1970s-80s)

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Jul 222013

Madison, Ltd., marketed a variety of dolls and toys in the 1970s and 1980s. They were headquartered in Hackensack, NJ, but the dolls were made overseas.

Tracy is 11.5″ tall, all vinyl, dressed in a floral print dress with attached, lace-trimmed apron, and matching bonnet. Her rooted hair is styled with a sausage curl on either side of her face. She has blue sleep eyes with long lashes. She is marked “Hong Kong” on the back of her head, and “Made in Hong Kong” on her back. The illustrations on her box are obviously meant to invoke Holly Hobbie.

Sweet Susan is a bent-leg vinyl drink-and-wet baby. She is 11″ long and has bright blue sleep eyes with long lashes. She has molded hair underneath her rooted hair. Susan wears a lace-trimmed, flocked nightie and comes in a gift set with two other outfits plus accessories. She is marked on her back “Hong Kong // BLUE BOX”. Blue Box was the name of another doll company at this time – so either Madison purchased the dolls from them and dressed them; or else Madison and Blue Box were somehow related.

Rag Mop Kids are a boy and girl with vinyl head and hands, cloth body and yarn hair. They have painted blue eyes and freckles. Their bodies are made of red and white gingham, to look like shirts under her jumper and his overalls. Their red felt shoes are part of their bodies. They had extra outfits which would also fit Cabbage Patch Kids.

Dolls of All Nations is a series of twelve 9″ vinyl girl dolls wearing various international (mostly European) costumes.

Li’l Jenny is a drink-and-wet 8″ girl doll with her hair in braids. She has blue sleep eyes with long lashes.

Happy Clown is a dark skinned clown with rooted green hair. There may have been a white version as well.

“String Puppets” are marionettes including Donny and Marie Osmond; super heroes Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman; and Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and Goofy. These are sought after by collectors.

Action Soldier is a GI Joe knockoff. He had extra outfits available.

Galaxy Fighters are similar to the Masters of the Universe action figures, with big muscles.

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