Dolls by Beehler Arts / Virga / Ontario Plastics

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Oct 142012

Chi Chi Schiaparellii doll by Virga

1957 Elsa Schiaparelli 12″ Virga Chi Chi Teen Fashion Doll in her original Studio Box. Photo courtesy of American Beauty Dolls.

Beehler Arts, Ltd. was based in New York City and marketed dolls during the 1950’s. According to the book “Hard Plastic Dolls” by Polly and Pam Judd, dolls marketed under the Beehler, Fortune and Virga names were all manufactured by Ontario Plastics. In “Hard Plastic Dolls, II”, the Judds report that Virga was a division of Beehler. The company also marketed dolls under the Kim label. All of these companies are best known for their 8″ Ginny type dolls, but small high-heeled glamour dolls were marketed under the Beehler Arts, Kim and Virga names as well.

Vintage Virga Lolly-pop doll

Virga Lolly-pop dolls came in various pastel hair colors. Photo courtesy of Kathleen Tornikoski. Check out her eBay listings.

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