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This version of Cherries a la Mode is not as common as some of the others. Gold shoes are not original.

Of the three major series of outfits worn by Ideal’s Revlon Doll, “Cherries a la Mode” was the medium priced offering. It is usually a nylon or taffeta dress; straw hat trimmed with flowers; drop pearl earrings and necklace. The 15″ dolls did not come with the hat, but had a gold elastic headband instead.

The classic Cherries a la Mode ensemble.
Photo courtesy of Wishbook Web.

  • Light blue, navy blue, pink or yellow nylon covered with flocked red cherries, with tulle yoke and puffed sleeves. See photo above.
  • Nylon allover floral print with short puffed sleeves, shirred front of bodice. See photo below.
  • Pale pink, blue or aqua taffeta dress with nylon eyelet overlay. See photo at top.
  • Short sleeved white with red dotted swiss, solid red yoke and waistband. A rarer version is all dotted swiss, without the solid red fabric. See photo at bottom.
  • Navy taffeta dress with low rounded neckline; white organdy modesty panel across bustline, pink rose and velvet ribbon at waist. There is also a rare green version.
  • Navy blue nylon with white printed floral bouquets. Rare.
  • Nylon dress with flocked butterflies, in navy and white or pink and pale blue.
  • Pale pink nylon dress with green and white flocked leaves. Rare.

Nylon floral print version of Cherries a la Mode.
Photo courtesy of American Beauty Dolls Shop.

One of the less common versions of Cherries a la Mode.
Photo courtesy of Melody Stackhouse.

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Ideal’s Revlon Doll in Kissing Pink outfit. It was also available in pink and yellow versions.
Photo courtesy of American Beauty Dolls Shop.

Ideal’s Revlon Dolls (1956-60) were sold in many different outfits. The three major series of outfits were “Kissing Pink,” “Cherries a la Mode,” and “Queen of Diamonds.” Within these series there were also many variations, and there were other series and other outfits as well. Some outfits were only available for certain sizes. The 18″ and larger size dolls generally wore black elastic-strap shoes. The 15″ size usually had black plastic mules. All dolls (except dolls in teddies or pants outfits) wore a pink taffeta petticoat and panties, and nylon hose.

Photo courtesy of Wishbook Web.

Dolls dressed in “Kissing Pink” outfits were the lowest priced. For jewelry, they wore a pearl necklace. Later editions had drop pearl earrings as well.

  • Striped dress in blue, pink or yellow and white with self bow and rhinestone at neckline. See photo at top. The bow on the 15″ version is black rather than self fabric.
  • Puffed-sleeve taffeta and nylon dress with rounded neckline, in pink with flocked red hearts, or in navy blue or red with white flocked hearts. See photo above.
  • Plain taffeta dress with square neckline in various colors. This is the dress pictured on the cover of the Revlon box.
  • Red or blue cotton print dress; matching long sleeved solid color knit jacket ties at waist.

    Photo courtesy of Wishbook Web.

  • Short-sleeved dress in large scale square/flowered print with cowl neckline, rhinestone trim on bodice. See photo above.
  • Green or champagne taffeta dress with short puffed sleeves, lace trim in a V pattern on bodice.
  • Linen dress with pointed collar, cap sleeves, in coral, pink or mustard with scattered black horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Nylon organdy print dress in various colors with lace trim at neckline and sleeves, black velvet ribbon waistband. Rare.
  • 15″ size only: Floral dress with organdy cowl neckline; available in blue/green or gold/orange print. See photo below.
  • 15″ size only: Cotton floral print in various colors. Same style as the striped dress, with black flat bow at neckline.

One of the outfits only sold on the 15″ Revlon dolls. Shoes not original.

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Miss Seventeen Doll by Marx (1961)

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Dec 092014

Miss Seventeen owes her good looks in large part to the German Bild Lili doll. Marx purchased the rights to use the Lili molds and developed Miss Seventeen from there. She is larger than Bild Lili, and every other 1960s fashion doll, sold in 15″ and 18″ sizes.

Body Construction
Miss Seventeen is all hard plastic, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. See her body construction here. She has painted black and white eyes like the number one Barbie doll, a bright red heart shaped mouth, molded black button earrings, and high heel feet with holes in the soles. Her fine synthetic hair is rooted into a skullcap which is set into her head. She has been found with a variety of blonde and auburn hair colors, as well as jet black. Her hair is styled either into a bun on top of her head, or a ponytail.

Miss Seventeen doll by Marx.

Miss Seventeen is most often seen with a center part at the front and her hair up in a tight bun. See a side view here. See a back view here.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller franklin2000.

She is marked on her lower back “U.S. Patent 2925684 British Patent 804566 Made in Hong Kong” Click here to see the marking.

Miss Seventeen was sold in a black one piece swim suit with her name in red on a white satin beauty queen style sash, a red cape lined in white, and red shoes. Her accessories are a gold plastic crown and a gold trophy with removable lid.

She has twelve extra boxed outfits, ranging from beach wear to evening wear to a wedding gown. Click here to see the back of the box with illustrations of all the outfits.

Click on a photo to see a larger version.
Photos courtesy of eBay seller dreamalong.

She was packaged in a black box with her name in green script along with the words “A Beauty Queen.” See photo at top. She came with a black stand with a metal prong to fit into the holes in her feet, and a fashion booklet. Her separate outfits were packaged in gatefold “Fashion Books” that opened up to show a large illustration of the outfit with a paragraph setting the scene.

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Elise’s Gift Sets

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Sep 032014

This ball gown was included in Elise’s 1960 gift set from FAO Schwarz. Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls.

1960 FAO Schwarz Giftset
This giftset came with a blonde Elise doll and red metal trunk. The following tagged outfits were all included:

  • Cornflower blue ball gown (#1730) of pleated nylon tulle with gathered attached stole, rosebud accents; coronet of flowers; rhinestone earrings; necklace.
  • Pale pink gown of dotted tulle with puffed sleeved and ribbon sash. This appears to be very similar to the bridesmaid’s gown of 1957, but the neckline is rounded instead of square and it also includes a white straw hat with ties of the dotted tulle.
  • Pale pink taffeta full-length evening coat.
  • Red blouse with three-quarter sleeves; white slacks with red piping. The slacks are the same as the ones included with the “Yacht Club” outfit of 1958.
  • Pale pink nightie with lace trim at armholes, neckline and hem; blue satin bow at waist.
  • Long-sleeve white robe with blue flowered print, lace trim, blue ribbon at neck.
  • Undies, shoes and accessories

Note: B&W photos of the catalog illustrations for the following giftsets can be found in “Madame Alexander Collector’s Dolls, second series” by Patricia R. Smith

“Elise on Tour” was an FAO Schwarz exclusive in 1958. Included blue formal with under-skirt and hooped petticoat, silver heels, stockings, jewelry and bag; pink ballerina outfit with nylon tulle tutu skirt and satin bodice, trimmed with pink flowers; dotton nylon dress with petticoat, panties and low-heeled shoes; pink crepe nightie. The catalog illustration also shows a pants outfit. Came with Elise doll in an 18″ trunk.

“Lady Elise Trousseau” was offered by FAO Schwarz in 1961. It included a blue net gown trimmed with rosebuds over a double nylon taffeta crinoline; taffeta evening cloak; pink polished cotton street-length dress; taffeta slip and panties; double-skirted nylon nightgown with flowered taffeta robe; handbag; shoes; stockings; mirror, comb and brush. Came with Elise doll in an 18″ trunk.

“Elise on Vacation” was an FAO Schwarz exclusive for 1964. It included a blue lace-trimmed organdy gown; blue taffeta cocktail dress; red gabardine suit; riding habit with boots and hat; pink tulle ballerina costume with slippers; extra undies; lace-trimmed tricot nightie; evening bag; masquerade mask; shoes; stockings; vanity set. This set came with an Elise doll in a 20″ trunk.

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Elise’s Underwear, Sleepwear, Outerwear & Accessories

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Apr 242014

With the exception of the basic chemise which came on a doll, the other outfits on this page were all sold separately. Elise also had some coats which came on a dressed doll as part of a complete outfit. Check the Day Dresses and Formal Wear pages.

Please note: The number at the end of the description refers to the source where a photo of the outfit may be found. See legend at bottom of page.

Underwear & Sleepwear

#1600 – 1957 – Basic outfit of lace chemise with straps, ribbon flowers at bodice and at legs; nylon hose; mules trimmed with lace and flowers; drop pearl earrings.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls
#? – 1958 – Pink robe with wide white lace ruffle at neck. Long sleeves gathered at wrists with lace trim.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

#? – 1959 – Petticoat and panties. B&W drawing in #4

#17-25 – 1959 – Sleeveless crepe nightgown with lace bodice. Matches Cissy outfit #22-25. B&W in #1

#17-26 – 1959 – Long-sleeved lace negligee. Matches Cissy outfit #22-26. B&W in #1

#18-25 – 1961 – Double-layered nylon nightgown trimmed in lace; lace bed jacket with ribbon ties. B&W in #1

Outerwear & Accessories

In addition to these
#? – 1958 – White faux fur coat with taffeta lining; matching hood and muff.

#? – 1959 – Wool coat and hat in coral or royal blue with flower accents. B&W drawing in #4

#17-1 – 1959 – Elastic-strap sandals, sold extra. B&W in #1

#17-2 – 1959 – Sling-back sandals decorated with lace and flowers. B&W in #1

#17-10 – 1959 – Flower-trimmed straw hat. B&W in #1

#17-50 – 1959 – Orlon coat with pointed collar, cuffs, flower at neckline; matching hat. Matches Cissy outfit #22-50. B&W in #1

#? – Year? – Black and white houndstooth check swing coat with white collar, red bow at neck. Red hat with black velvet ribbon.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

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