Cissy Portraits (1955-61)

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Note: the number at the end of the description refers to the source where a photo of the outfit may be found. See legend at bottom of page.

The following Portrait dolls used the Cissy head and body, but instead of being called Cissy, were sold under the names listed.

#2071 – 1955 – Scarlett
Soft white cotton gown with square neckline, lace and red ribbon trim. B&W in #3

#? – 1961 – Godey
Pale lavender satin or pink taffeta gown with two rows of matching narrow braid trim near hemline, flowers at waist; darker lavender jacket with trim to match gown, elaborate trim & fringe at cuffs; lavender straw hat with flowers, tied with blue or lavender tulle; full slip; lavender heels; iridescent earrings; solitaire ring. Color in #2, #6 and #7

#2230 – 1961 – Queen Elizabeth
Gold brocade gown; sash of the garter and jewels; long white fingerless gloves; tiara; jeweled earrings, solitaire ring and bracelets. Color in #8. Also with three piece brocade, short coat costume, pill box hat of tulle.

#2235 – 1961 – Melanie

Deep blue satin sleeveless gown with v-neck; white lace long jacket; cameo necklace. Color in #2 and #8

#2240 – 1961 – Scarlett O’Hara
Blue taffeta gown with black braid trim; matching coat & bonnet; crinoline petticoat; lace mitts; velvet reticule; cameo necklace; rhinestone earrings; tiny watch pin. Color in #2 and #8

#2245 – 1961 – Lissy
Mauve pink organdy sleeveless gown with overskirt of matching accordian-pleated tulle in three tiers, trimmed with gold sequins, flowers at waist; taffeta full hoop slip with six-inch tulle ruffle at hem; pink taffeta panties; stockings; silver sandals. Color in #2 and #8

#? – 1961 – Melanie?
Red moire taffeta long-sleeved gown with black braid trim; black feather boa; black straw hat with flowers; solitaire ring. Color in #7 and #8

Renoir Cissy by Madame Alexander #2250 – 1961 – Renoir
Yellow satin gown with full skirt; matching jacket with black sequin trim; black sequin handbag; large floral headpiece with black veil; full net petticoat; white taffeta panties; black sandals; cameo earrings & necklace; diamond ring.
Godey Cissy by Madame Alexander Godey Cissy by Madame Alexander

#2260 – 1962 – Godey
Gown with white organdy bodice trimmed with lace and rhinestones, bright orange skirt with pleated ruffles; orange velvet short jacket with elbow-length sleeves trimmed with white lace; natural straw hat with flowers, pink veil pulled to the back and tied with a bow and streamers; jeweled earrings, ring; amethyst & rhinestone wrist pendant on
long chain.
Photos courtesy of eBay seller lamoretti.

#2180 – 1962 – Queen Elizabeth II
Gold brocade gown; red & blue sash of the order of Bath; single loop tiara with one double loop in center front, three large stones; long crinoline slip; taffeta panties; gold slippers; long white fingerless gloves; two rhinestone bracelets; earrings; solitaire ring. Color in #2

#? – 1961-62 – Scarlett
White organdy gown with v-neck and elbow length sleeves trimmed in lace, three tiered skirt, dark green satin ribbon trimming neckline and skirt tiers, cameo brooch; large white hat with flowers; pearl drop earrings; ring.
Photos courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

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Actress and model Brooke Shields was produced as an 11.5″ fashion doll by LJN in the early 1980s. She is all vinyl, with wavy long brunette hair, gray painted eyes and Brooke’s famous bushy eyebrows. All dolls have a copyright date of 1982.

Basic Brooke Shields doll by LJN

Basic Brooke Shields doll by LJN.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller king-auctions.

The basic doll wears a blue turtleneck sweater with white collar and cuffs, white leggings and blue boots. An alternate version was the same style but with pink sweater and gray leggings. She came with a plastic brush and star ring, posing stand and photo of Brooke. The box graphics on both versions are identical.

Suntan Brooke Shields doll by LJN

Suntan Brooke Shields doll by LJN.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller king-auctions.

Suntan Brooke Shields has a different face mold with a big smile. She comes in a yellow and white striped swimsuit with a beach bag and sunglasses.

Prom Party Brooke Shields also has the smiling face, and has extra long hair. She comes in a hot pink metallic gown and “pearl” necklace, with pink posing stand and heels, and a plastic floral bouquet.

Brooke had eight “Fun Time” fashions and eight “Designer Boutique” fashions sold separately.

Fun Time Fashions:

  • Riding Habit – red jacket with black collar and cuffs, 1st place ribbon, yellow top, khaki pants, riding hat, boots and crop
  • Cheerleader Costume – white sweater with “B” logo, royal blue and white skirt, white vinyl cowboy boots, blue and yellow pom-poms
  • Shorty Pajamas – white teddie with pink flowers, matching mob cap, pink bra and panties, pink high heeled sandals.
  • Jogging Suit – bright yellow hoodie with green trim, yellow pants, yellow wedgies, green gym bag
  • Blue Jeans & Shirt – jeans with red knit cuffs, red and white striped sweater, red cowboy boots, Walkman with headphones and strap
  • Camouflage Pants Suit – Khaki short-sleeved top, camo knickers, gold purse attached to belt, natural straw hat, aqua wedgies
  • Dotted Swiss Party Dress – white dotted swiss with pink underdress and lace trim, crownless hat of matching fabric, white nylons?, pink high heeled sandals
  • Beach Outfit – pink swimsuit, green skirt, black hat with attached blue scarf, purple heels
Fun Time fashion Jogging Suit for Brooke Shields doll by LJN

Fun Time fashion Jogging Suit for Brooke Shields doll by LJN.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller den268.

Designer Boutique Fashions:

  • Cowgirl Outfit – red skirt with blue belt, white western shirt with red trim, blue check bandanna, white cowboy hat with blue check band, white cowboy boots
  • Disco Outfit – blue jacket with gold lame short sleeves and attached shorts, gold lame bikini top, blue drawstring bag, blue high heeled sandals
  • Fur Jacket Walking Suit – white faux fur jacket, white skirt, white boots with cuff tops, hot pink scarf
  • Cocktail Gown – black sheath gown with pink ruffle down each side and across one shoulder, black high heeled sandals
  • Roller Skating Jump Suit – red long sleeved jump suit, gold belt, red socks, white roller skates with red wheels
  • Lace ‘n’ Satin Party Gown – long gown has pink satiny bodice white ruffle collar, sleeves and peplum, floral embroidered skirt; white wedgies
  • Wrap Around Coat and Hat Outfit – plush purple coat (looks more like a bathrobe), matching hat, white belt, white boots with cuff tops
  • Pants Suit – bronze metallic jacket with brown satin cuffs, brown satin pants, brown boots with cuff tops, brown hat
Designer Boutique fashion Pants Suit for Brooke Shields doll by LJN

Designer Boutique fashion Pants Suit for Brooke Shields doll by LJN.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller den268.

There was also a carrying case with dressing room graphics inside.

LJN also produced a Brooke Shields Glamour Center styling head with curlers and other hair styling accessories.

McCall’s issued a sewing pattern specifically for the Brooke Shields doll.

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Ideal’s Vinyl Shirley Temple Dolls

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Dec 082012

12" vinyl Shirley Temple doll by Ideal Toy Corp.

This 1958 12″ vinyl Shirley Temple doll with extra outfits was sold in a box resembling a TV set, tying in to Shirley Temple Black’s children’s television show.
Photo courtesy of Withington Auction, Inc.

17" vinyl Shirley Temple doll by Ideal Toy Corp.

17″ vinyl Shirley Temple doll wears a cotton dress which may have been a Sears exclusive. This size was made from 1959 to 1963.
Photo courtesy of Withington Auction, Inc.

Ideal made their first vinyl versions of the Shirley Temple doll from 1958-63. They had rooted blonde hair with Shirley’s famous curls and hazel sleep eyes. Some of the larger dolls had “twinkle eyes,” also known as flirty eyes, which could move from side to side as well as open and close. The 12″ version had lots of extra clothes that could be purchased; the 15″, 17″, 19″ and very rare 26″ sizes were sold in a variety of outfits but no clothing was sold separately. Most of these outfits were not from Shirley’s movies, but reflected typical little girl fashions of the period. 1950s Shirley Temple dolls came wearing a plastic pin of her name in script. The 15″ version was reissued in 1972 as a Montgomery Ward exclusive.

15" vinyl reissue Shirley Temple doll by Ideal Toy Corp.

15″ vinyl Shirley Temple doll reissued in 1972 for Montgomery Ward was available in this outfit only.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Hanson. Check out her eBay listings.

The Shirley Temple Playpal doll sold only in 1960 is 36″ tall and has the same blow-molded jointed vinyl body as Patti Playpal, with a Shirley Temple head. She most often wears a nylon dress but was also available in a Heidi outfit.

In 1973, a new 16.5″ vinyl version of the Shirley Temple doll was sold wearing her red and white polka dotted “Stand Up and Cheer” outfit. There were four additional outfits sold separately. This doll was available through 1975.

In 1982-3, Ideal made 8″ and 12″ versions of Shirley Temple with pale vinyl resembling porcelain. With this Collector’s Edition series, they returned to dressing Shirley in outfits from her 1930’s film roles. In 1984-5, a 16″ Shirley was made, available in three different costumes.

1984 16" vinyl Shirley Temple doll by Ideal Toy Corp.

16″ vinyl Shirley Temple doll, the final version made by Ideal, wearing outfit from her 1934 film “Stand Up and Cheer!”

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