Cowpokes dolls by Knickerbocker (1981)

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Oct 162012

Cowpokes dolls by Knickerbocker

This adorable pair of dolls are the Cowpokes by Knickerbocker, dated 1981. They were designed by Ruth Morehead, who also designed the Scarecrow Kids dolls.

Body Construction
The Cowpokes are 12″ tall and made of cloth, stuffed with polyester filling. They have acrylic yarn hair and printed features.

The dolls are not marked or tagged. The only tag is on the clothing.

Knickerbocker Cowpokes dolls tag

The Cowpokes’ hats and boots are part of their body. The hat brims are glued in place. Their outfits are fastened with velcro and are removable. They are made to look like multiple pieces, but are actually all one piece. They have fine acrylic yarn fringe on the vest and skirt/pants.

They came packaged individually in a box with a large cellophane window to display them.

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