Apr 122013

Uneeda made a few character dolls from comic strips and movies over the years, including a few tie-ins with Disney.

Orphan Annie cloth doll by Uneeda Orphan Annie cloth doll by Uneeda This all cloth Orphan Annie doll has a molded mask face with painted features. She came with white socks and black shoes, and likely dates to the 1920s. She was an exclusive for Walgreens stores.

Disney's Pollyanna doll by Uneeda Disney's Pollyanna doll by Uneeda Pollyanna was made in 10.5″ and 32″ versions, and possibly also a 17″ version. Dressed in red and white checked dress and pantalettes with straw hat. Tie in to the Walt Disney film of the same name starring Hayley Mills. 1960.

Other 32″ dolls include the Princess from Babes in Toyland, another Disney film tie-in, she has a similar face to Pollyanna but with a closed mouth and pink hair. See the video below.

Popeye is the famous comic character with soft vinyl head and arms and cloth body, made in 8″ and 16″ versions. His hat and pipe are molded as one piece with his head. 1979. Olive Oyl and Swee’Pee dolls were made as well.

Uneeda Comix, a series of adult-oriented comic books published in the 1970s, are no relation to the Uneeda Doll Co.