Glamour and Fashion Dolls by Uneeda Doll Co.

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Apr 102013

Uneeda’s golden age began in the late 1950s with Suzette and Dollikin, two high heeled glamour dolls with grown-up figures. As the sixties dawned, they turned to slimmer Barbie-type fashion dolls including Miss Suzette and Wendy.

This is a partial list which will be added to as information is available.

Uneeda 10 Uneeda Tinyteen doll TinyTeen & Suzette are 10.5″ all vinyl high-heeled dolls patterned after Ideal‘s successful Little Miss Revlon doll. Suzette was an exclusive for Grant’s department stores. The dolls are very similar but TinyTeen is jointed at the waist while Suzette is not. Read more about them at the Tinyteen & Suzette page. Photos courtesy of Valerie Myers. Also see Bob, Suzette’s boyfriend, below.
Dollikin by Uneeda Dollikin ballerina by Uneeda Dollikin is a multi-jointed glamour doll. The 19″ size is more often found than the rare 14″ version. Visit the Dollikin page and the Dollikin Ballerina page for more info. The Dollikin name was reused in the ’70s and ’80s for a multijointed Barbie size doll.
Mommy Dollikin & Her Lovable Baby by Uneeda Dollikin was also sold in a couple of other variations. Visit the Mommy Dollikin page and the Miss Twist page for more info on these.
Uneeda glamour bride doll Pink Haired ballerina doll by Uneeda Uneeda also used the Dollikin head mold for other dolls that did not have her extra joints. Visit the Other Glamour Dolls page and the Pink Haired Ballerina page for more info.
Wee Three dolls by Uneeda Wee Three is a family set of mother, little girl and baby boy packaged together. Mother has the Dollikin head mold on a regular glamour body. Circa 1960. Visit the Wee Three page for more details. Photo courtesy of Mary Kangas.

Wendy fashion doll by Uneeda Wendy fashion doll by Uneeda Wendy is a Barbie-sized doll. She is often sold under the Elite label. She had extra outfits available. This doll was also sold as Suzette in Canada. Photos courtesy of ebay seller bouchy.
Wendy fashion doll by Uneeda Rare black version of Wendy. Photo courtesy of eBay seller Connectibles.

Miss Suzette doll by Uneeda Miss Suzette doll by Uneeda Miss Suzette is an 11″ fashion doll with exotic looking painted side glancing eyes, and rooted hair only around the perimeter of her scalp. She has a very unusual body construction with the tops of her legs forming her buttocks. She was a Grant’s exclusive and is dated on her back 1962. Of all of Uneeda’s teen fashion dolls, she is the most highly sought after.

Bob dolls by Uneeda Suzette’s boyfriend is Bob. The shorter version was the companion to the 10.5″ Suzette (see top of page); the taller, slimmer version was made to go with Miss Suzette. Both versions of Bob were Grant’s exclusives, and had extra outfits. Photo courtesy of eBay seller franklin2000 .

Children of All Nations Italy doll by Uneeda Miss Suzette variations: Wendy Ward is the same doll as Miss Suzette but with sleep eyes. She was a Montgomery Ward exclusive. and was made in two versions: one with rooted hair in a swirl ponytail style, and one with molded hair and wigs. Miss Debutante is the same doll as Wendy Ward except that her hairstyle is rooted in a ponytail with bangs. She is extremely rare. Children of All Nations, same as Miss Debutante, is dressed in costumes of different countries. Pictured at left is Italy. Photo courtesy of eBay seller hug*a*pug.

Betsy McCall doll by Uneeda Betsy McCall is an 11.5″ fashion doll size version of Betsy with sleep eyes. 1964. Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

Dollikin by Uneeda Action Dolllikin by Uneeda Uneeda reused the Dollikin name for a 11.5″ multi-jointed doll – In 1969 she was sold as Fashion Dollikin in a ponytail hairstyle with bangs. In 1973 she was sold as Action Dollikin, the only change was that her hair style was in a swirl across her forehead. Fashion Dollikin photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls. Action Dollikin photo courtesy of eBay seller art-in-mind.

Uneeda got into growing hair dolls in the ’70s. Magic Meg, also called Miss Deb, is a 15″ teen tall who came in a variety of outfits. She was the same doll used for Vermont Maid. Poni and Missy are 19″ vinyl high-heeled dolls with the Dollikin face.

Jennifer 18″ slim teen body, rooted hair, painted side glancing eyes. 1973.

Clover 15″ slim body, long rooted hair, sleep eyes. 1973.

Triki Miki is a 6″ multi-jointed fashion doll. She could wear the same clothes as Topper’s Dawn doll. She was a Woolworth’s exclusive. 1970s. The same doll was also sold as Little Miss Dollikin.
Uneeda Miki fashion doll Uneeda Miki fashion doll Miki is an 11.5″ fashion doll. The “Streak ‘n Frost” series had frosted hair in various styles and colors, with a smiling face. 1980s. Photos courtesy of eBay seller den268.

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