Elise’s Ballerina Outfits

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Apr 232014

Elise’s ballerina outfits can be tricky to identify because most of them are very similar with only small changes from year to year.

Please note: Alexander used the same stock numbers repeatedly. The number at the end of the description refers to the source where a photo of the outfit may be found. See legend at bottom of page.

#1635 – 1957 – Pale or deep pink or blue ballerina tutu with attached nylon tulle skirt, satin bodice decorated with flowers has satin ribbon shoulder straps that tie in back; circlet of flowers in hair; pink tights; satin ballet slippers. Some have skirt sprinkled with sequins.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls

#1712 – 1958 – Pink ballerina costume; same as #1635 of 1957.

#1725 – 1958 – Pink ballerina tutu has skirt of multiple layers of nylon tulle, attached satin bodice with ruff of pleated tulle around neckline and floral sash; floral headpiece; nylon tights; satin ballet slippers. B&W in #1, color in #7

#1810 – 1959 – Gold Ballerina outfit with attached full gold net skirt, neckline trimmed with sequins; gold sequined tiara; pink tights; gold ballet slippers; gold earrings. Matches Cissette outfit #713. Color in #2 and #12

#1720 – 1960 – Ballerina tutu of shell pink pleated nylon tulle with satin bodice, decorated with rosebuds and rhinestones; shoulders straps are of tulle and there is a tulle sash gathered at the waist; coronet of flowers; nylon tights; ballet slippers. B&W in #1

#1825 – 1961 – Ballerina tutu with multilayered tulle skirt and taffeta bodice trimmed with flowers; shoulder straps are of tulle; coronet of flowers; tights; ballet slippers. B&W in #1

#1740 – 1962 – Tulle ballerina tutu in blue, pink or white has bodice decorated with sequins, attached tulle skirt sprinkled with rosebuds; pink hose; pink ballet slippers; rhinestone earrings. The blue version has gold sequins with a matching sequined headband; white version has white sequins; pink version has pink sequins and a headband of rosebuds. Color (blue version) in #2 and #6

#1720 – 1963 – Pink or Blue ballerina costume of satin bodysuit; separate pleated tulle tutu skirt with tiny pink roses, blue satin ribbon waistband; headband of pink roses; pale pink tights and ballet slippers; tiny rhinestone earrings.
#? – Year? – Blue tutu has satin bodice, gathered tulle around the armholes but not the neckline; pleated tulle skirt; spray of pink rosebuds hangs from waist and pink rosebuds scattered on skirt; tights and ballet slippers. Sold as an extra outfit.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

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Dollikin Ballerina by Uneeda (1959-62?)

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Apr 242013

Dollikin Ballerina doll by Uneeda

Body Construction
The Dollikin Ballerina is the same doll as the regular Dollikin, but she has a few specific traits. Her hair is usually black, and is styled into either a chignon with severe widow’s peak, or a short fluffy bubblecut. This doll did not generally have pierced ears. Her eye paint is exaggerated, with long black painted lashes at the outer corner of each eye, and black eyebrows. The less common blonde dolls have eyelashes and brows painted brown instead of black.

Markings are the same as Dollikin.

The Dollikin Ballerina seems to have been available in a wide variety of costumes, generally in satin with lace or tulle. All came with cotton tights and soft vinyl slippers. The dressed doll pictured above wears a very stiff ivory-colored (may have been white at one time) costume with ivory, purple and green lace sleeves, with the same lace forming the skirt over a layer of tulle. Other costumes included a tutu edged with silver braid, with pink or lavender tulle skirt and sleeves covered with silver dots; and a red long sleeved dress which looks more like an ice skating or majorette outfit.

The Ballerina doll was sold in different packaging from the regular Dollikin. The Ballerina’s box has her posed as if she is dancing, attached to a black and white backing card illustrated with her in various positions. The front of the box is curved and has a large plastic window to display her beautifully. You can see a photo of her on Valerie Myers’ website.

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Jan 212013
Vintage Honey doll by Effanbee

Effanbee’s hard plastic Honey doll in one of her many day dresses.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls

Honey was Effanbee’s flagship doll during the brief hard plastic era. She was sold in many variations, under a few different names and in numerous outfits. Honey is one of the classic dolls of the 1950s.

Beginning in 1949, Honey was offered in 13.5,” 16″ and 18″ sizes. She was sometimes called Honey Girl during this early period. These dolls are all hard plastic, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. They have sleep eyes with brush lashes, and mohair wigs.

1950 Effanbee Honey Majorette doll

Effanbee’s Honey as a Majorette.
Scan from the 1950 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog.

In 1950, a 21″ size composition (not hard plastic) Honey was sold with flirty eyes and a human hair wig.

1950 composition Honey doll by Effanbee

This is the 21″ all composition version of Honey. She has flirty eyes and a human hair wig.
Scan from the 1950 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog.

In 1951, the Tintair Doll was introduced. This is Honey with platinum blonde Dynel hair meant to be “tinted” with special redhead and brunette hair coloring. The smallest size doll was now 14″ tall. All Honey dolls had synthetic hair after this point. The Saran Yarns Company used Honey in their ads promoting the many uses of their Saran fiber.

There was also a special series of 18″ Honey dolls in 1951 with couture outfits by the famous Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli.

In 1952, the Honey Walker doll was introduced. She has a walking mechanism which also turns her head, but is otherwise identical to the regular Honey. Both versions were produced through 1957.

In 1952, Honey portrayed both Cinderella and Prince Charming. He is the only male doll made using the Honey mold.


14″ Honey as Prince Charming, the companion to Cinderella.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls

In 1954, 15″ Honey was offered in a carrying case or steamer trunk with extra outfits.

Honey got jointed knees and ankles in 1956. This doll is 20″ tall. The harder to find 15″ doll has jointed ankles, but not knees. She could wear high heels or ballerina shoes in addition to her regular flat Mary Janes and majorette boots. Honey sold in high heels was called Junior Miss, a Doll with Glamour.

In the last year of Honey’s production, 1957, she was offered as Honey Ballerina. She has vinyl arms which may or may not be jointed at the elbows.

Hard plastic Honey doll by Effanbee

Effanbee’s hard plastic Honey doll was sold in a variety of long gowns. Her hat may not be original.

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Oct 142012
Pink Haired Ballerina by Belle Doll & Toy Corp.

Pink Haired Ballerina by Belle. View her full-length photo and her original box.

Belle Doll & Toy Corp. was headquartered in New York City in the 1950s. Their earliest documented doll is Heddi Stroller, a 20″ hard plastic walking girl doll. They are most known for their high heeled glamour dolls including Margie and Marjorie, all vinyl dolls whose faces resemble Alexander’s Cissy. Little Miss Margie is similar to Ideal’s Little Miss Revlon, and has extra boxed fashions. They also made multi-jointed Twixie, whose posability was meant to capitalize on the popularity of Uneeda’s Dollikin. Ballerina Belle is another jointed doll, who may be the same doll as Twixie. One thing that seems certain is that, while the company’s dolls were patterned after the successful dolls of other companies, they had a charm and personality of their own as well.

Little Miss Margie doll by Belle in her original box.

18″ Margie doll by Belle. She has straight legs and a twist waist.
Photo courtesy of American Beauty Dolls Shop.

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Uneeda Pink Haired Ballerina doll

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Aug 132012

Going through my files today I found these pictures – I had this doll a long time ago but for some reason never did anything with the pictures. If I recall correctly, she has the same head as Uneeda’s 19″ Dollikin, marked 2S, but she does not have the extra joints that Dollikin has, and her body is lighter weight than their other 2S glamour dolls. She has striking blue eyes and pale pink hair in a cute bubble cut. I believe her pink vinyl shoes are like the flats that Mommy Dollikin and the Dollikin Ballerinas wear. Does anyone have one of these pink haired dolls?

Vintage Uneeda ballerina doll with pink hair
Uneeda Vintage ballerina doll with pink hair