Ballerina / Skater Doll by Deluxe Reading (1959-60)

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Mar 312016

Deluxe Reading made several different high heeled dolls in the late fifties and early sixties. The Ballerina / Skater came with outfits for both activities to provide hours of fun for a little girl.

Body Construction
This doll is 20″ tall, with a soft vinyl head, rigid vinyl arms and torso, hard plastic legs and feet. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders, waist, hips, knees and ankles. Her lower legs and ankles are strung, the rest of her joints are flanged. She is a walker. Her blue sleep eyes are framed by brush lashes, with three painted lashes at the outer corner of each eye. She has the typical “chipmunk-cheeked” face seen in many of Deluxe Reading’s dolls. Dolls with this body type came with either a bubblecut or ponytail hairstyle, in dark blonde and possibly other colors. She has no earring holes.

A similar doll, with the addition of jointed wrists, was also made by Deluxe Reading.

Deluxe Reading’s Ballerina / Skater doll has jointed ankles.

She is marked “21 HH” on the back of her head below the hairline.

This doll was sold in the Sears catalog of 1959 as a Ballerina/Skater, wearing a long-sleeved ice skating costume with tights, skates and a scarf. She also came with a complete ballet outfit. In 1960, the ponytailed version was available as a Ballerina with Wardrobe. Her extra clothing included a leotard, rayon party dress, and cotton dress with jacket. The Ballerina/Skater was also described, but not pictured.

Scan from 1959 Sears Christmas Catalog, courtesy of Wishbook Web.

The doll in the photo at top wears a strapless dress with cotton bodice trimmed in gold braid and a taffeta print skirt. A flocked flower corsage is pinned to the bodice. This is very similar to another Deluxe Reading outfit also pictured in the 1960 Sears catalog. This may have been the party dress that came with the Ballerina doll, or perhaps this particular doll was sold as simply a fashion doll wearing this outfit. Her petticoat, hose and shoes may not be original.

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Dee an Cee Doll in Black Cocktail Dress

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Mar 242016

This doll has not been identified, but she is most likely Cindy made by Dee and Cee in the early sixties, as she closely resembles their other Cindy dolls. She is also virtually identical to Royal’s Lilo doll.

Body Construction
This pretty lady is 17″ tall, all vinyl and jointed at the neck, shoulders, waist and hips. She has sleep eyes with brush lashes, pierced ears and red painted finger- and toenails. Her rooted blonde hair is styled in a short bubblecut.

She is marked “D & C” on the back of her head below the hairline.

This doll wears a black satin cocktail dress with a black knit and silver lurex bodice and a black net overskirt. The dress is fastened with two black buttons in the back. Pinned to her head is a small circle hat of the same material as the bodice trimmed in the black net. She’s also wearing black satin panties, sheer beige nylon hose and black plastic ankle strap shoes.

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Sweet Sue Teenage Doll by Dee an Cee

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Mar 222016

When I bought the doll pictured above, I thought she was a very unusual Sweet Sue Sophisticate by American Character. Her pale strawberry blonde hair and arched eyebrows were different than any other I had seen. Her outfit didn’t look original – the quality certainly isn’t up to American Character’s usual standards. It wasn’t until I saw one mint in box on eBay that I found out who she really is – the Sweet Sue Teen Age Doll by Dee an Cee, and her outfit is her original one.

Body Construction
This doll is identical to the 20″ Sweet Sue Sophisticate in every way. It is my belief that she was in fact made by American Character, with slight differences in hair color and eyebrow paint to differentiate her from their own dolls, and sold nude to Dee and Cee. It is also possible that she was made by Dee and Cee from A.C. molds, but the quality and color of the vinyl, the way the lips are painted, the texture of the hair and her very presence say American Character to me.

She is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, and has a strung waist joint. Her finger- and toenails are painted red to match her lips. She has pierced ears with pearl drop earrings. Her blue sleep eyes have painted lashes underneath, and gray eyeshadow above.

This doll is unmarked, although there is a circle on her lower back where the American Character logo would have been.

Sweet Sue Teen Age Doll’s clothing was certainly not made by American Character. Her original dress is black velveteen with silver braid trim, with a pink satin underskirt topped with silver-threaded nylon. She has a pink fabric flower attached at the waist and her shoes are trimmed with flowers also. She also wears black taffeta panties. She may have had a ribbon around her waist originally. The dress closes in the back with two large white buttons.

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Pink Haired Sayco Doll

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Mar 182016

Dolls with pastel hair colors, especially pink, were popular in the late 1950s. Schoen & Yondorf, under the trade name Sayco, jumped on the trend with this pretty toddler.

Body Construction
She is 15″ tall, with a soft vinyl head and arms on a blow molded vinyl torso and legs. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has rooted pink hair in curls, with a circlet braid on top and bangs. Her blue sleep eyes have brush lashes and painted lashes below. She has single stroke painted brown eyebrows and orange-red lips.

She is marked “&#169: SAYCO DOLL CORP.” on the back of her head.

This doll wears a pink satin strapless gown with attached stole and overskirt of nylon with a satiny floral design. She has bouquets of pink flowers at the hem of the overskirt, at the bodice, and in her hair. Underneath, she wears a crinoline with a narrow strip of vinyl stitched to the hem, nylon panty, rayon socks and white vinyl Mary Jane shoes.

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Little Miss Ginger Doll by Cosmopolitan (1958-?)

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Mar 062016

Little Miss Ginger doll by Cosmopolitan wearing red cotton dress with white teardrop print, white lace at hem, wide white organdy collar; also came with a red net hat with white flowers; white “Little Miss Ginger” purse; hose; white shoes.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller hug*a*pug.

Beginning in 1958, Cosmopolitan advertised Little Miss Ginger as “the only all vinyl eight inch slim doll” and she was in fact the tiniest of the vinyl glamour dolls. Shortly afterward, Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls introduced their eight inch Little Miss Nancy Ann who appears to have been made from the same molds. Other copycats followed, including Woolworth’s Little Miss Marie.

Body Construction
Little Miss Ginger has a rigid vinyl body with softer vinyl head. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. Her blonde, red, or brunette hair is rooted and styled into a short fluffy bob. She has gray or brown sleep eyes with molded lashes and brown painted lashes at the outer corner of each eye. Her red lips match her red finger- and toenails. The vinyl on these dolls tends to pale or darken over time, with the result that different parts of her body may be different colors.

This doll is well marked and easy to identify. She is marked “Ginger” on the back of her neck and “Little Miss Ginger” on her back. Under each arm and inside each thigh she is marked “LMG”.

Little Miss Ginger was available as a basic doll in white, black or red bra, panties and shoes. She was also sold dressed in various outfits. One piece of clothing from each outfit is tagged “Fashions for Little/Miss Ginger/Cosmopolitan Doll & Toy Co./ Jamaica, NY U.S.A”.

Yellow cotton sleeveless top with lace trim; black cotton skirt with yellow and gray print and yellow elastic waistband; shoes, possibly yellow or black.

White fuzzy long sleeve sweater with rick rack accent on front; black velveteen skirt with rick rack accent and red taffeta lining; matching hat; red taffeta panties; ice skates.

Navy polished cotton dress with white polka dots, white organdy collar; navy shoes.

Pink cotton dress with large white polka dots; shoes, probably white. Also available as a pale pink dress with darker pink polka dots.

Peach majorette dress with long sleeves, trimmed in white/green/peach braid; matching hat with green feather; gold boots. Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

Pale yellow flocked nylon and tulle dress with black ribbon bow. Braid hat and purse trimmed with flowers. Photo courtesy of eBay seller hug*a*pug.

#71 Special Bride outfit includes lace trimmed tulle gown with taffeta bodice, separate taffeta and tulle slip, wrist corsage, tulle veil, white panties, white heels.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller hug*a*pug.

Other outfits for Little Miss Ginger include:

  • #52 Bolero Plaid Dress is a white, blue and black large scale plaid taffeta dress and black bolero jacket lined in matching fabric.
  • White cotton dress with black and red print, red puffed sleeves.
  • Pink satin strapless evening gown; corsage of pink flowers; pink hose; pink heels.
  • Beige faux fur coat, hat and muff.
  • Red, white, green and black plaid taffeta dress with red ribbon sash; matching plaid hair bow with red ribbon and hairpin; white panties; red shoes.
  • White taffeta dress with turquoise and pink floral print; black hair (?) ribbon; white panties; hose; black shoes.
    Navy, blue and white plaid v-necked dress.
  • White vinyl raincoat with red trim, hood and belt; white shoes.
  • Red pants trimmed with white; white blouse with red ribbon; white shoes.
  • Navy blue jacket with white cuffs; navy circle skirt; white top.

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