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  1. We are looking for help with the identification of two vintage / antique dolls that were our Grandmothers. Could I send you photos to review or can you suggest someone who might be interested in reviewing? Thanks for your time and help. Kurt

  2. I have a Horsman Perthy doll. I think from the 1950′s. He is wearing a pink and white stripe bathrobe. I am trying to find out what he wore under it. Most likely pjs but what did they look like? Thanks for whatever help you can give me, LoraLee

    • LoraLee, according to Don Jensen’s book “Horsman Dolls, the Vinyl Era,” Perthy wore a blue flannel one piece pajama, trimmed in pink. There is a small b&w photo but hard to see the PJs because he has the robe on. It looks like a footie pajama, with ribbons tied at the ankles.

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