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    1. We are looking for help with the identification of two vintage / antique dolls that were our Grandmothers. Could I send you photos to review or can you suggest someone who might be interested in reviewing? Thanks for your time and help. Kurt

    2. I have a Horsman Perthy doll. I think from the 1950’s. He is wearing a pink and white stripe bathrobe. I am trying to find out what he wore under it. Most likely pjs but what did they look like? Thanks for whatever help you can give me, LoraLee

      • LoraLee, according to Don Jensen’s book “Horsman Dolls, the Vinyl Era,” Perthy wore a blue flannel one piece pajama, trimmed in pink. There is a small b&w photo but hard to see the PJs because he has the robe on. It looks like a footie pajama, with ribbons tied at the ankles.

    3. Hi, my name´s Luciane, i,m from Brazil and looking for somebody who can tell me about a E.I Horsman Doll i bought some years ago and I can´t find any other doll similar to the one I have. I´s like to have more informations about it and specially what is its value. The doll itá a boy, the eyes are not painted, but theu open and close and are made of glass, i guess. The hair is natural, the joints are made of a “cord” (?) there no metal on it. In the back on its neck it´s written 1924, by E.I. Horsman Co Inc Germany and the number 43. and in both arms on the joints the number 37. The doll its in perfect state and its naked. Please, if you can help me with any information about it I´d aprecciate.

      • Luciane, Horsman outsourced production of some bisque and celluloid dolls to Germany in the 1920s. The bisque Tynie Baby dolls are marked 1924, but there are also reproductions with this same marking. If you can post a clear photo of the face and the whole doll to my Facebook page, I can tell you whether it is a reproduction or original. I don’t know what they are worth, but if you look at my post How Much Is My Doll Worth?, there is information on how to research the value.