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Royal Canadian Mountie

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Although this Royal Canadian Mounted Police doll resembles Nelson Eddy, who played a Mountie in the 1936 film "Rose-Marie", it is not meant to be a portrait of the star, and the same doll was also used by Reliable for military dolls. The Mountie doll may have been sold with a horse.

Body Construction
He is 17.5 inches tall, with a composition head and arms, and cloth body. He has brown hair and eyes, and is modeled as an adult.

He is marked "Reliable Made in Canada" on the back of his head.

The Mountie doll wears a red jacket with epaulets marked "R.C.M.P." and brass buttons. A belt circles his waist and goes around one shoulder. His navy blue pants have yellow stripes up the sides. He wears black boots and a molded fabric hat.

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