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Gre-Poir Inc. (1927 - early 1930s)
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Gre-Poir cloth girl doll Gre-Poir cloth girl doll Gre-Poir cloth girl doll

Gre-Poir, Inc. was in business from 1927 until at least the early 1930s. Not much is known about the company, but it appears to have been a partnership with one partner, Alvin Grey, in New York City, and another, Eugenie Poir (who designed the dolls) in France. The dolls were most likely made in France. Dolls measuring from 16" to 23.5" have been found.

Body Construction
The company made dolls of cloth and felt. They are jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. They have a molded mask face with no ears, with good quality facial painting. Some dolls had hair eyelashes, but most had painted lashes. They have mohair wigs. One distinguishing characteristic of Gre-Poir dolls is the bulging area at lower front and back of the torso, with a horizontal seam above. The doll pictured above is 17" tall and all cloth.

Gre-Poir dolls are not marked and their clothing is not tagged.

These pretty dolls are well-dressed, usually in organdy dresses, some with felt trim. A boy doll dressed as a cowboy is shown in the Polly Judd's book "Cloth Dolls, 1920s and 1930s."

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