Jun 112012

This rare and wonderful doll is Talking Terri Lee, made by Mar-Fan, Inc. between 1960 and 1962. This was during the period after the Terri Lee Company had gone out of business, when they leased their molds to other companies to produce.

Talking Terri Lee is 16″ tall and made of vinyl. She looks very similar to other vintage Terri Lees, but she has an important difference. She has a speaker in her head, into which a record player was plugged through a jack on the back of her head. The dolls, records, and especially the record player are very hard to find today. If you have a Talking Terri Lee doll, you can input any device into the jack with the right size audio plug.

Photos courtesy of Ed Hudson.

  4 Responses to “Talking Terri Lee by Mar-Fan”

  1. This doll is interesting. I have never heard of a talking Terry Lee. How many phrases does she say?

  2. She doesn’t say a certain number of phrases like Chatty Cathy or Talking Barbie. She “says” whatever is playing on the record player or other device that is plugged into her. Basically she’s just a speaker. There were records made specifically for her, but I don’t know how many.

  3. My parents bought me one and I still have it. I have the doll and record player. I was wondering how much this doll would be worth????

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