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My Toy is primarily known for their dolls and animals with vinyl faces and plush bodies, but they made a variety of dolls and toys in the 1960s.

Some My Toy products:

My Toy Pajama Bag This Plush Pal pajama bag is typical of many of My Toy’s vinyl face dolls, except that instead of a full plush body, she has just the arms and torso, and her lower half is a zippered, lined pajama bag. She measures about 15″ tall, with hair rooted only around the top of her face. She probably dates to the late fifties or early sixties.
My Toy Half Pint doll Half Pints are 4.25″ dolls, with oversized heads and vinyl bodies wired for posability. Marked on the back of the head: 1966 MY TOY CO INC. They came with cool little accessories. The doll in the blue sleeper came in a yellow crib with rattle, comb, brush. The girl dolls all have the same face mold, there is also a boy doll dressed as a railroad engineer, with a different face. They don’t appear to have individual names. See more here: http://webspace.webring.com/people/ml/liddledolls/stories.html

Tiny Terry is 6″ tall, with the same head as the smaller girl dolls, but a more proportional body, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She was sold in various outfits with a small accessory, such as a poodle or phone. She has long straight hair with bangs in various shades, including bright orange.

A very rare and highly sought after My Toy doll is Witchiepoo, from the television show H.R. Pufnstuf, made in 1970. She is 20″ tall, with a green vinyl head, hands and feet, orange yarn hair and a cloth body.

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  1. This is a very long shot, but I have a stuffed leopard with glass eyes, lying down on one side, that’s in extremely poor shape. (I had it since the fifties.) The tag (which is still barely readable) says it was from the My Toy company. Unfortunately, “my toy” being a very generic name, it’s difficult to search for on the net. Finding one of these in reasonable condition would be very important to me.

    • Ron, I think the key to finding your leopard is in how you search. You should search eBay and other sites where you are likely to find vintage collectibles, including Etsy and Ruby Lane, by using the terms “my toy” (using the quotes) and leopard. Then search again, leaving out the “my toy” but adding vintage, plush, toy and stuffed (in separate searches, not all at once). You can put minus signs in front of terms you don’t want (like Dakin, Gund, Applause, etc,) so you don’t get a zillion results. Your leopard may be out there, but not listed by name. He might be missing his tag, or his tag might be faded. On eBay and Ruby Lane you can save your searches and they will email you when something new is listed. I’m sure he will turn up if you have patience and keep trying. Good luck!

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