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Miss Marie dolls by Woolworth's

Photos courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

In the early 1960s, the Woolworth’s chain of discount stores offered several exclusive dolls which they trademarked under the names Miss Marie, Little Miss Marie and Baby Marie. They were all fashion dolls, with extra outfits available. The actual manufacturers are unknown; only the Woolworth’s name appears on the dolls’ boxes. Accessories, like the Baby Marie carrying case pictured below, have also been found.

Body Construction
Miss Marie is 10″ tall, all vinyl and flange jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has gray sleep eyes with molded lashes, and no painted lashes. Her hair is rooted in a side part style, in various shades. She has earring holes with drop pearl earrings. Her fingernails are painted red but her toenails are unpainted. This doll is nearly identical to the doll on the Circle P page. The only difference is that her head is molded slightly thicker at the neck opening. Miss Marie is one of many dolls that were created to compete with Ideal’s Little Miss Revlon.

Woolworth's exclusive Miss Marie doll

The unboxed Miss Marie pictured is marked with a capital letter E on the back of her head below the hairline.

She was sold in a variety of simple dresses. In addition to the two pictured above, her other outfits include a wedding gown and a day dress with large orange and brown polka dots. Her dresses fasten in the back with a white donut-ring type snap marked “SK LIKITS RAU”. She also wears white nylon tricot panties and white plastic heels with a bow molded across the instep. Extra boxed outfits were available.

Other Marie Dolls
Little Miss Marie was made in two versions, both 8″ tall. One version is a vinyl high heeled doll similar to Little Miss Ginger and Little Miss Nancy Ann. The other is a flat-footed walker similar to American Character’s Betsy McCall.
Baby Marie is an 8″ vinyl baby, similar to Vogue’s Ginnette.

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  6 Responses to “Miss Marie and Other Woolworth’s Exclusive Dolls (1960s)”

  1. I had one doll as a child. She was behind a tall glass case in a nice toy store….they had Madame alexanders and many others. I got to choose….and my parents were surprised at my choice. A small doll…….fourteen to sixteen inches….she was all plastic…chubby little tummy legs and arms….flat feet allowed her to stand….she was a little pidgeon toed….had short red hair….no pony tail….and she was dressed in aqua and white tiny checks….if I remember correctly she had extra clothes….maybe a coat or something. I called her tootsie but I probably made that up. I was born in 1957…..was around 5 I think…..but the store was in a small town so she could have been a few years old. Any help or advice with be wonderful

    • Horsman’s Ruthie comes to mind. She was available in that time period, in that size, and had either a ponytail or short curly hairstyle. She was available in several different sets with extra clothing, sometimes called Traveling Ruthie. I will keep my eyes open for any other dolls that might be a possibility. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I have a doll with horsman83 on back of her neck she is 19 ” tall. Blond blue sleep eyes vinyl body I have been looking for shoes and clothesbfor her. I have seen many horsman dolls but not her exactly. Can you help

    • Sounds like you have a Cindy doll from the late 1950s. Check out these dolls on eBay. Horsman made Cindy in several different sizes and variations. I would suggest keeping an eye on eBay listings for her and you may find some clothes and shoes. You might also try searching for other glamour dolls of that era, like Ideal’s Revlon doll and Cissy, as the same sellers might have clothes that fit Cindy as well.

  3. I have a doll called Miss Perfection, I can walk, Rigidsol. This is on the tag hanging from the waist. She about 18-20 inches tall.
    Do you know anything about her? I bought at a auction for $2

    • Sharon, I found a pair of them in their original boxes here on eBay. Apparently she was made by the Natural Doll Co. This style of doll was made in the late fifties and early sixties. Sounds like you got a great deal!

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