Sep 122011

This is Jackie by Ideal. She is 15″ tall, all vinyl, and is quite rare. She was made in 1961, and according to Judith Izen’s book “Collector’s Guide to Ideal Dolls,” she was taken off the market after First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy objected to her name being used for the doll, although the doll looks nothing like her. The Jackie doll is very similar to Ideal’s Liz doll, who was also sold under the name Carol Brent in the Montgomery Ward catalog. The major difference is that Jackie has sleep eyes, while Liz/Carol’s eyes were painted.
Jackie is very high quality and is the epitome of a sophisticated fashion doll.

  3 Responses to “Jackie by Ideal”

  1. She’s gorgeous! And I didn’t realize they came in brunette–I have one with dark blonde hair (not mint in box….).

    • Marseille, I have a blonde as well. I bought her as Carol Brent, but now looking over Zendelle’s site, I realize mine has sleep eyes, and a dark blonde ponytail hairdo. She came to me with sheer blue nylon bra and panty, and blue ribbon in her hair.
      Maybe Ideal changed not only her name, but hair color after the First Lady complained?

  2. I have seen these before or some that look like her. Very nice!

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