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Half Pint is a sweet vinyl toddler doll who was a mainstay of Effanbee’s line for many years.

Half Pint doll by Effanbee

Half Pint #6228, circa 1970. Notice the spelling of her name on the tag.

Body Construction
Half Pint is an all-vinyl doll jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has rooted hair in various shades and an adorable closed mouth smile. Her most notable feature is her black pupilless side-glancing sleep eyes. The first year only white girl dolls were offered. Beginning in 1967, both boys and girls were sold in white and black versions, all made from the same head mold. Half Pint is usually seen as a girl doll.

Half Pint doll by Effanbee

Half Pint #6252 ballerina from 1975.

Half Pint is marked “EFFANBEE // 19©66”.

Half Pint was sold in a few different outfits each year, mostly simple play clothes, party dresses and sleepwear. In 1970 she was offered in a gift set with extra clothes and accessories. Beginning in 1971, she was often part of Effanbee’s theme groupings, which featured several different dolls in their line wearing matching outfits.

Effanbee Half Pint doll

For the first few years, Half Pint’s wrist tag spelled her name “Baby 1/2 Pint,” although the catalog always listed her as “Half Pint.” Her window box has changed over the years with the rest of Effanbee’s line. Initially she was sold in a pink box. For much of the ’70s, she had a box with a blue lid with pink and blue on the bottom. Later she was sold in a white box with a mustard-colored lid.

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