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Composition and cloth mama doll by Eegee

This mama doll by Eegee has a composition head and limbs with a cloth body. She has a human hair wig and likely dates from the 1920s.

This company, founded in 1917 by E. G. Goldberger, made a wide variety of dolls, including composition, hard plastic and vinyl. They used the trademark “EEGEE” early on. Their dolls were often knockoffs of the popular dolls of the day. In the 1930’s, they made the Shirley Temple-types Little Miss Movie and Miss Charming. In the ’50s, Susan Stroller was an alternative to Ideal’s Saucy Walker, while Eegee’s beautiful line of Little Debutante dolls competed with Ideal’s Revlon and Little Miss Revlon. The 28″ version was also sold as a Bride.

In the ’60s, Mattel’s Barbie, Skipper and Ken were the inspiration for Eegee’s Annette, Little Sister and Andy. Miss Babette was another Barbie clone. Tandy Talks was a cuter version of Mattel’s Chatty Cathy, complete with freckles. Shelley managed to copy two different dolls at the same time – she looked like Ideal’s Tammy, but had the “growing hair” feature of American Character’s Tressy.

Gemmette was a 15″ lady doll from 1963. She came in various hair colors and outfits, but always a long fancy gown. Eegee made Dolly Parton in doll form, in both 12″ and 17″ sizes. A number of ventriloquist dolls were produced over the years, including Lester, W. C. Fields, Groucho Marx, Bozo the Clown and Charlie McCarthy.

17.5″ Miss Sunbeam was an advertising doll for Sunbeam bread sold in 1959. She is all vinyl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Another product tie-in the company produced was the Kool-Aid Kid in 1989, a little girl wearing a red sweatshirt with her name on the front. She came in various hair colors, including a bright red.

The company also produced some very original dolls. Puppetrina, introduced in 1963, was a 22″ vinyl doll whose arms and legs could be manipulated like a puppet. There was a Baby Puppetrina as well. Honey Munch from the ’70s was an unusual ventriloquist baby doll. Maskerade Magic dolls came with five different masks for the dolls to wear.

Eegee is still in business under the name of The Goldberger Company, making dolls and toys for very young children with a lifetime guarantee.

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  17 Responses to “Eegee Goldberger Doll Mfg. Co., Inc.”

  1. I have 2 of your bride dolls i think. They look just alike except 1 of them is much bigger. I’ve had the smaller 1 since 1965. Of course the dress rotted off of it. I got another 1 made but it’s not the same. I was wondering if you could tell me how much these dolls are worth. Not that i would sell them . The smaller 1 is my first doll and i wouldn’t sell that 1 for nothing. But i was just courious of what they are worth, since they are so old. thank you so much . Velva Gross

    • Hi Velva,
      I don’t know what they are going for now – it’s been a long time since I sold mine. The best way to find the value of any doll is to look at ones that have actually sold on eBay. Use the eBay search box in the left hand column on this page – type in “eegee bride” and you will come up with current listings. Now scroll down a little and click on “Completed Listings” on the left hand side of the page – this will bring up dolls that have actually sold. Look for one that is in the same condition as yours. Thanks for writing!

  2. I am trying to find the name of an Eegee baby doll. She has blond short pixie hair and she winds up in the back and her head moves to the song, Rock-a-bye baby. I believe she is from the 1960’s. She is probably around 14 inches and was made to look like the newborn thumbelina doll by Ideal.
    I would like to be able to purchase one as I believe I had one as a child.
    Thanks you,

  3. I have a 1965 eegee doll with side glancing eyes. Can anyone help me find out how much she is worth. She has a beautiful face and rooted hair, no bald spots. I would like to fins a body to replace her old body.

  4. I hope you can help me. 🙂

    I have a 1975 Eegee doll. The back of the neck has the name rubbed away, but you can make out “1975” and “14pt.”

    The head and hands are vinyl and the body is pink cloth with white polka dots and the feet are yellow cloth. After looking online for a bit, the closest resemblance it has is to the 1975 Eegee 12″ Doll Drinks & Wets A137. The main difference in the facial features is that the Drink and Wet doll has a hole in the mouth and my doll does not. (also that doll’s body is most likely full vinyl).

    Thank you very much for any help you can provide. I have loved this doll my entire life. I am now 32 and a married mother of one little boy and a baby on the way. This doll has traveled with me from Illinois to Georgia, South Korea, Alaska and finally to Alabama. 🙂

    • Aimee, I have not come across an Eegee doll like yours, but research on them is difficult because there is no Eegee reference book. If you keep checking eBay, one will turn up eventually. Sorry I can’t be more help. It’s wonderful that you still have your childhood doll – thanks for writing!

    • Aimee,

      I too have similar doll. Mine does not have pink cloth but tan and its feet/ legs / arms are vinyl. My dad was in the Air Force and this doll was likely purchased at the PX or by catalogue.

      What I have found it might be mass produced with similar sweet face but different outfits. One on eBay is the Goldberger “such a good baby” into the world with a smile. There is also one in etsy right now that is advertised as with original clothes and it is a pink gown with silk socks.

      Hope that helps some.

  5. I have a 1969 life size eg walking pretty doll 32 inch. i can not find one like it or the value. short blond hair, says wash and set comb and style my hair. it has only been out of the box once. I have spent hours and hours searching and have not found the name or even a picture of one like her. can anyone give me a clue

    • Floyd, the only Eegee catalog I have is from 1976, there were a couple of different dolls in the 32″ size that year – one was Walking Annette, and she came with a hair styling set including a brush and curlers. Available in several different outfits and hair styles, both white and black versions. There was also Walking Pretty (that is her name) who was basically the same, but without the hair styling set. There was a also a talking version of Walking Pretty in both English and Spanish versions. Life size dolls have been very common since the early ’60s and are still made today, but they are hard to find still in the original box. If you need help looking up the value check out my latest post here. Most sellers will not know the doll’s name so if you just search under Eegee 32 you will find some.

  6. Hi, I have a composition black baby doll marked goldberger on her neck, she has 4 small braids, but it looks the factory original had painted her body white and changed the color to black since some of her covered body spots remain white. Can you shed any light on this unusual doll.

    • Deb, black baby dolls with three or four braids protruding from holes in the head were common in the composition era, and made by several companies. They were usually called Topsy. It is quite possible that yours was originally a white doll, and they drilled holes in her head and painted her black to fill an order (or perhaps they made all the black dolls that way). Since the composition is all the same, the only difference between the black and white dolls is the holes and the paint color.

  7. I recently purchased a Baby Gurglee Luv-able Skin Doll at an Estate sale,. She is in her original box. The box says “No. 82, Another EE=GEE Product, Brooklyn N.Y.” I’m not a doll collector, and cannot find this doll any place. Can you tell me anything about her? Thanks!

    • Baby Gurglee was advertised in the 1950 Sears catalog. Her original price was $1.99. She was a less expensive version of Ideal’s popular Baby Coos doll. The catalog description of Baby Gurglee reads “Squeeze her plump body or her dimpled legs – she’ll sigh or sob. She has plastic head which turns, go-to-sleep glass-like eyes and long lashes. Washable rubber-skin body, arms and legs are all one piece, stuffed with cotton and foam rubber.” PLEASE NOTE: I would NOT recommended squeezing her to see if she still works. Her body material, which is known as “magic skin,” is fragile and may tear or deteriorate, if it hasn’t already.

      • Thank you so much for your reply, I love knowing more about this doll. You are so right about her skin, when I took her out of the box her fingertips were stuck to her legs, just barely. Fortunately, they came loose without tearing. It feels almost like the skin is on the verge of melting….really fragile, but so far, all in tact. Once again, thanks for taking the time to answer my question!

  8. I have a eegee doll that was given to me in the early 70’s . On the back of its neck it has 19-8. Eegee. 11 . It has hard head and arm and legs. Cloth body with medal square inside that you can mash in the front and back and it makes the doll clap it’s hands. She has sleepy eyes, plugged hair, pug nose and slightly opened mouth-no teeth. Just wanting to find out more about her. I think she was old when she was given to me. Thanks for any info you can share.

    • Mary, Eegee dolls are very tough to identify because there is no reference book on them – just bits and pieces in various books but nothing complete. I am not familiar with a doll like yours. If you can post a photo on my Facebook page, perhaps someone will recognize her.

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