Apr 112011

I love to come across a doll I have never seen or heard of before. This interesting playset is Polly Pretend by Amsco. This unusual concept is that the doll is playing “dress up” with Mommy’s shoes, hat, jewelry, curlers, etc. – just like her little owner would. The shoes are a hoot!

Amsco is not a company I know too much about. The name is an acronym for American Metal Specialties Corp. and they mostly made doll furniture like beds and high chairs, as well as housekeeping toys. They trademarked the name Amsco in 1950 and their trademark expired in 1992. Polly Pretend appears to have been made in the late sixties or early seventies.

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  1. I had this doll when I was a kid. My own kids played with her in the bathtub and she rotted out and had to be discarded. It is hard to find another one!!

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