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Vintage Wettums composition doll by Reliable

Wettums is an all-composition drink-and-wet baby doll made by Reliable of Canada in the late 1930s and early ’40s. Since moisture causes composition to deteriorate rapidly, most of these dolls have not survived in good condition.

Body Construction
Wettums is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has painted eyes, molded painted hair and a nurser mouth. The drink-and-wet feature was enabled by a rubber tube leading from Wettums’ mouth to his/her bottom, with a metal grommet at either end. Wettums was made in multiple sizes. The doll pictured is 12.5″ long.

Wettums is marked “RELIABLE // DOLL // MADE IN CANADA” on the back of her head.

Clothing & Packaging
The book “200 Years of Dolls” by Dawn Herlocher pictures an all original Wettums doll, wearing a sleeveless undershirt and diaper. The lettering on the box has the doll’s name spelled “Wetums” and the wording “She drinks, she wets, you’ll love her.”

Vintage Wettums composition doll by Reliable

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  1. I have a doll that looks just like this made by Reliable but it does not have the open mouth or bottom. It was a gift to me from someone when i was a small child. She had a fall so a couple of cracks but still in relatively good condition. Could you tell me what year she might have been made and approx worth. I have no intemtions of parting with my baby…just curious.

    • Reliable made a very similar all-composition baby without the drink and wet feature. His name is Babykins. The one pictured in the “Dolls of Canada” book was made in 1939. Value is not much on composition babies unless they are minty or life size. $20-$30 is a fair price.

  2. Hi there

    How much roughly would this doll go for in similar to the one photographed? with of course its insides in unused condition

    thank you

    • Julie, I have had to stop doing appraisals but if you check out my latest post here, it gives instructions on how to find the value yourself. Just search for Reliable composition baby.

  3. Hello Zendelle

    I have a Composition Reliable doll that is 12″ . She has a drinking mouth (red) and she also wets. Her eyes are painted darker (blue) with tiny white dots in the corners and black pupils. Her lashes are painted black. Her hair is molded (brown) with 2 curls on her forehead (one above the other) and others are swirled at the sides.
    “Reliable” is cap’d BOLDLY stamped with the “doll” and made in Canada is much smaller. I’m not sure she’s in some of her original clothing or not. Its a cotton nightie (white) with tiny crochet type lace across the neck and around the short sleeves. Ladder type crochet across the chest with pink ribbon bows on the chest and on outer sleeve edge. Her color is a slightly deeper pinkish tone and her cheeks are slightly deeper yet. Her knees are rose pink.
    I have looked for days trying to find her with no luck. Thank you for your time and hopefully you can help. Thank you Christine

    • Christine, it sounds like you are describing Wettums (photos above)? If not, how does she differ?

      • She could very well be Zendelle. My Doll’s eyes are a darker blue and she seems smaller, but it could just be the picture. Thank you so much!

  4. I have read your apraisal suggestion page and I have tried to find any previous sales for this doll that you have photographed. This exact doll is the only one I’ve even able to find that accurately depicts what I have and apparently is almost unheard of being unused and not have moisture damage. Is there any other suggestion you may have? Ebay is of no help and I’m at dead ends :-/

  5. Hello. I have my mothers doll. Probably 1936-42, It is 6-7 inches, compo. Drink and wet similar to the one above. Eyes are darker blue. (Closer to the wall paper on this page!) The one pictured seems to have a fitting where she wets and mine does not. When I got her she had a case and clothes but they have disappeared. Also is not marked anywhere that I could see. Did they perhaps make unmarked ones?

    • Many companies made small composition babies but I have never seen a drink and wet composition doll that small. Reliable usually marked their dolls pretty well, so it was probably not by them. The book I have does not say anything about a Wettums that size, the smallest one shown is 10″ or so. Would love to see a photo if you could post one on my Facebook page.

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