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3 of the 7 Dwarfs - Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy - all cloth, 1938

Three of the Seven Dwarfs – Sneezy, Sleepy and Happy, all cloth, 12″ tall, 1938.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Hanson. Check out Lisa’s eBay listings.

The Ideal Toy Corporation had a long and illustrious career in the doll business, beginning in the early years of the 20th century and continuing into the 1980s. They produced dolls in composition, cloth, rubber, hard plastic and vinyl. The industry’s best designers, including Bernard Lipfert, Joseph Kallus, and Neil Estern, worked for Ideal at various times. Fortunately for collectors, most Ideal dolls are marked. For more information on the company’s history, read Judith Izen’s wonderful book, “Collector’s Guide to Ideal Dolls.”

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  38 Responses to “Dolls by Ideal Toy Corporation”

  1. I am trying to find out info on a doll I have had for many, many years. It is stamped on the neck Ideal toy Corp. 1970 There is a code E9-5H159. I am not a hundred percent on the first 9, I don’t have a magnifier

    • Her face is of a baby, blue eyes with a smile and her tounge is out slightly on the left side of her mouth. Maybe 8 inches long. If you push the button in the middle of her belly her arms and legs wobble, release the button and they go back in.

      • Carol, your doll is one of the Belly Button Babies sold by Ideal in 1971 and ’72. There were three different versions – “Me So Glad”, “Me So Happy” and “Me So Silly.” I think yours is “Me So Silly” because she has her tongue sticking out. They wore little two piece baby outfits, no shoes, and carried a plastic rattle.

  2. Can anyone help me with information about a series of dolls called “The Klunks” produced by Ideal Toys in the early sixties? I have one and can find out nothing about it. Thanks

    • Gary, I know nothing about these dolls but perhaps somebody will see this and post. Can you give us more details? What does the doll look like? Is it tagged? Thanks for writing!

  3. I have a doll I can’t find out anything about. She is by Ideal – 1982 I think – a Teeni-tiny 12″ Thumbelina – says mama She is in the box and in great condition. Everything I look up is 14 to 20″. The # on the box is 10160. Thanks

    • The original Thumbelina was introduced in 1961, but several different moving versions were made in the ’60s and ’70s. They all moved by means of a pull string, except for Wake Up Thumbelina who used batteries. Then, in the last few years they were in business, Ideal made several different sizes and variations of Thumbelina which did not move. Teeni-Tiny Thumbelina was one of these. She was produced in 1984. She is worth about $25 mint in box. Thanks for writing!

      • The original Tiny Thumbelina in the 60s worked by a wheel that turned on the back – when you turn it and lay her down she appears to move. I still have my original in her original outfit and she still works.

  4. I have an Ideal doll with the marking “YTT-19-L-3”. The dolls I am finding with this number do not match my doll. Mine has bisque skin with pouty lips. I am really confused about this.

  5. I have a doll that I picked up in the 90s who appears to be from the Thumbelina line from the 60s, but I can’t find her anywhere on line. She is so much like the original Thumbelinas, vinyl with cloth body and a wheel on the back (it won’t turn, though) – and there is a hole that looks like she may have had a pull string above the wheel at one time. She has the same kind of face and hair except instead of the painted on eyes she has sleep eyes. On her neck it says Ideal Toy Corp. TYY-19-E. I saw one on eBay that was just like her, except hers says TYY-14-E (the 14 & the 19 indicate inches, of course), and she doesn’t know who the doll is either. I know there was a Snoozie Thumbelina but can’t find a picture of her anywhere. Anybody know about this doll? (BTW, the back on the one on eBay had been ripped open and sewn shut, so there was no longer a wheel.)

    • Yes, it sounds like your doll is Snoozie. She was made in 1964-65. The 14″ version was called Baby Snoozie. When you wind her up, she opens and closes her eyes, moves her head around and cries. There is a picture of her in the Ideal Book by Judith Izen. It sounds like more than one marking was used. There are a quite a few Snoozies in the completed listings on eBay. Is she like these?

  6. I have an Ideal bridal doll. She was given to me in the 50’s. She is marked on her neck Ideal Doll VP 17 and on her back Ideal Doll W 16. Can you give me any information on her. Aloha Mary

    • Mary, it sounds like you have a Saucy Walker doll made from 1955-56. She was made in several sizes and sold in a variety of outfits. She originally had two wrist tags – one showing her walking features, and another with three doll-sized curlers attached for restyling her hair. You are lucky to still have your childhood doll!

      • I have a toni?? 21″ her neck says Ideal doll VW 93 body says P93 someone once told me I have a Ruth head and a Toni body although it was purchased this way I cannot find anything at all on this

        • Kathy, Ideal made several other dolls using the Toni body. Ruth has a vinyl head with long hair in a ponytail. She was made in 17″, 19″ and 21″ sizes in 1952 and ’53. The doll in the Ideal book is shown wearing a plaid party dress with gold rick rack trim, but she may have been sold in other outfits as well.

  7. I have an IDEAL doll with two different numbers; on the nape of her neck is the number K-21-L, on her back between her shoulder blades is the number K- 22, then it says PAT PEND, 3. She is made of hard plastic and all 4 limbs freely move attached by some sort of spring coil inside. Her eye lids can open when she sits upright, but closes when she lies down. I have had this doll since I was 5 years old (I’ll be 50 this Christmas!) She is in mint condition in her original red and plaid jumper. The only thing missing is her shoes (lost them when I went to college). Can any one tell me what doll series she is. Thanks,

  8. Hi

    I wondering if you might be able to help ID this little Ideal marked doll. I’ve provided the link so you can view her. Someone thinks she might be a later Kissy doll (not related to the 1960’s dolls of course), I’ve been able to view the 1978 Kissy dolls but they’re not same as my doll. Thinking she must be from the 1980’s.

    I don’t know why I have the name Busby in my head when I look at this doll. Other doll collectors have checked their Ideal reference books and cannot locate her.

    Kind Regards Michelle

    • Michelle, I don’t know anything about her, but she looks a lot more like a ’60s doll than an ’80s doll to me. And Ideal shut down in 1986, so they were not putting anything new out at that point. Perhaps somebody will see this who can identify her.

  9. Hi. I have an Ideal Tabitha from Bewitch. She’s in original box. Was looking for value information on doll. Thank you

    • Hi Joanne,
      The only way to determine a value for something is to look at what similar items have actually sold for. Tabatha is quite rare. I have not been able to find a sold example of her in the box online to determine a value. My suggestion would be to keep an eye on sold examples on eBay in case one should turn up. Note the correct spelling of her name. Because Tabatha is what’s known as a “cross collectible” (she appeals to collectors of toys and TV memorabilia as well as doll collectors) you might reach out to dealers and collectors in those areas as well.

  10. I have an Ideal Toy Doll that was given to my mother in the late 1920 or early 1930. It has the following Identifying markings: 01969 00RP 6N-18. The doll stands 19 plus inches and had beautiful red hair. You push the doll’s belly button and some kind of a large button behind comes out. I do not know the purpose. Can anyone tell me about this doll.

  11. What Ideal baby doll is marked with K12-7 ? It has the tubes hooked up to the eyes and mouth like a doll that tears and her head has a squeaker in it that squeaks when squeezed.

    • Victoria, there isn’t an index of vintage doll marks like there is for antique dolls. Ideal made a few different dolls that cried. If you can post a picture to my Facebook page, it would be easier to identify her.

  12. I have my original baby doll from Ideal marked n-80.
    She has a rubber/vinyl head with a wig, rubber arms and legs, and a cloth body. She has hair lashes on the top and painted lashes on the botton.
    She has a closed mouth. I remember she cried “mama” when you moved her from sitting to lying down. The mechanism no longer works. Also, I am 68, and received this when I was very small.
    So she’s a late 1940′s or early 1950′s doll.
    do you know anything about this beautiful doll?
    thank you.

    • Betty, Ideal made a couple of baby dolls that fit your description. There was one called “Deluxe Vinyl Head Doll” made in 1951. She was made in six sizes from 17″ up to 27″. She wore a pink flannel or rayon coat, organdy dress and bonnet, and came with curlers to set her hair. Another similar doll was called “Magic Flesh Vinyl Head Doll with Saran Wig” and she came in four sizes from 1*’ to 24″. She was sold in 1952 and ’52, and also wore an organdy dress and bonnet. The Ideal book does not say what the marks on these dolls are, but they are the only ones from that time period that have a vinyl head and limbs and a cloth body.

  13. I have a vintage thumbelina doll. I remember she had a pink wooden knob that turned in her back. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement knob? Does not have to be an original just want to see if she still works.

  14. I have an old doll possibly from the mid 30’s. It is in a box that is in Spanish with the word Muneca and Ideal on the box along with No: 4224 stamped on the box. She is wearing a felt jumper with MEXICO stitched on it along with sequins and blouse skirt combination. She is 15″ high. She has red shoes and white socks and what I would call pantaloons. She has painted eyes and jointed legs. Her legs have material stitched on over another material. I have spent a couple of hours searching the internet trying to find information on this doll. It has a brochure from a Storybook Dolls by Nancy Ann book in the box. I’m pretty sure it is not a Storybook doll. Any ideas on what I have?

    • You don’t say what material your doll is made from, but Ideal made a series of oilcloth dolls in the late ’30s called Jolly Dollies From Many Lands. If your doll is oilcloth, you might have one of these. There were 18 different dolls. Muneca means “doll” in Spanish. Here is a photo of Ileana, the Roumanian doll. Does your doll look like this?

  15. I am trying to find out the name of a doll that my sister had in either the late 1960’s or early 70’s. She was about the size of an original Baby Alive blonde hair, cute outfit. She came with some accessories and she blew a whistle, bubbles, etc. She may have came with a birthday hat also. Can you tell me the name of that doll?

    Thank you.

  16. Hi! I have a little soldier doll, marked “Ideal” on the rim of his head. He looks like Flexi, but he doesn’t have wire mesh arms/legs – he has a jointed composition body. Small hands. Blue eyes. His little army hat is sewn to his head, and his outfit consists of a one piece sleeveless jumpsuit with a jacket overtop, in an army drab/green/brown shade. I can email pictures. Thank you so much! 🙂

    • Erin, during World War II Ideal made soldier and sailor dolls using the Flexy Soldier head, but with regular composition bodies. It sounds like you have one of these!

  17. I have a doll that back of her neck says IDEAL BC 16 …. WHAT is she?

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