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Uneeda’s Wee Three is one of the “family” sets of dolls produced during the 50s – 60s that allowed children to imagine scenarios of interaction between mother and children. Effanbee’s Most Happy Family is another set of this type.

Body Construction
The mother of the family is a 19″ doll, rigid vinyl with a softer vinyl head, jointed at neck, hips and shoulders. She may be jointed at the waist as well. All examples I have seen have platinum blonde hair. She has sleep eyes with brush lashes and red lips. She is joined by her all-vinyl toddler and baby.

Mom is marked “Uneeda / 2S” on the back of her neck. This is the same marking found on all the Dollikin dolls as well as other Uneeda glamour dolls and their Pink Haired Ballerina.

She wears a sleeveless dress of dark red cotton, banded at the neckline with polka-dotted fabric. Her coat is of the same material, with polka dot collar and cuffs. She wears a matching hat and red plastic heels.
Her daughter wears a matching dress and bonnet, socks and shoes. Baby is attired in a fluffy white bunting and comes complete with a bottle.

Wee Three’s box served as a display unit as well as packaging. It advertises the drink-and-wet capabilities of the children and extols the quality of the workmanship.

In the ’70s and ’80s Uneeda produced other sets using the Wee Three name but these include a little girl, toddler and baby, with no mother doll.

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