Jun 252013

Walking doll in red satin dress by Uneeda

Body Construction
This all vinyl girl is 22.5″ tall and has a rather rigid vinyl head with a lightweight blow-molded vinyl body. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips, with a walking mechanism. Her head does not turn. Raising her arm, as the tag instructs, doesn’t do anything other than give you something to hold on to. She has blue sleep eyes with brush lashes and pink lips with a small hole in the center. Her brunette hair is styled in a short curly ‘do.

She is marked with a “U” on the back of her head.

She wears a cheaply made red satin dress trimmed with synthetic lace. It closed with two safety pins in the back. She wears cotton knit panties, rayon knit socks and white vinyl shoes.

Copyright 2013 by Zendelle Bouchard

  2 Responses to “Walking Doll in Red Satin Dress by Uneeda (1960s)”

  1. I have Uneeda doll which is 30-31″ tall, hard plastic body, arms and legs move, implantednhair dark brown in curls, eyes open and close w/lashes and on neck has ‘Uneeda collection” 1968 w/number 3268 made in Hong Kong.
    She was undressed when I found her with problem with one arm. I have tried finding information about her and so far has nobe accomplished. Can you help?

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