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Uneeda Tinyteen glamour doll

Photo courtesy of Valerie Myers

Uneeda’s line of 10.5″ glamour dolls debuted in 1957 to compete with Ideal’s Little Miss Revlon. Tinyteen was billed as “America’s Best Dressed Teenager” and was dressed in various outfits including bridal, formal and casual wear. She had additional boxed outfits as well. Suzette was a less-expensive version of Tinyteen made exclusively for the W.T. Grant chain of stores. She also had extra outfits, as did her boyfriend Bob. (Uneeda also used the Suzette name on other fashion dolls – see this page for more info.)

Vintage Suzette doll by Uneeda

Photo courtesy of Valerie Myers.

Body Construction
Tinyteen is 10.5″ tall, and has a rigid vinyl body, jointed at neck, shoulders, waist and hips, and a soft vinyl head. She has gray or blue sleep eyes with molded lashes, and three painted lashes at the outer corner of each eye. Her rooted hair is generally styled in a wavy bob or a ponytail with bangs, and was available in various shades. She has red painted finger and toenail, and pierced ears with drop pearl earrings.
Suzette is basically the same doll as Tinyteen, except that her waist is not jointed. She has no earring holes, and her finger and toenails are unpainted. (A Canadian version of Suzette was identical to Tinyteen with earrings, waist joint and all. She was a Simpsons-Sears exclusive.)

Both dolls are marked “UNEEDA” on the back of their necks.

Suzette was sold in a two-piece swimsuit, as pictured above, or in a bra and girdle as shown in the box illustration. By comparison, Tinyteen was sold as a dressed doll, in a bridal gown, day dress or other ensemble. Both dolls had additional boxed outfits available. Click here to go to Tinyteen and Suzette’s Outfits page.

Tinyteen’s and Suzette’s boxes are pictured above.

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