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In addition to being marketed as a fashion doll and as a ballerina, Uneeda’s Dollikin was also marketed as a Mommy, with an 8″ all-vinyl baby.

Mommy Dollikin & Her Lovable Baby by Uneeda

Body Construction & Markings
For general information on body construction and markings, see the Dollikin page. Mommy Dollikin had a short bob hairstyle.

She was sold wearing one of two different outfits. The doll above wears a one-piece polished cotton jumpsuit with a red top, and multicolored floral print pants, collar and sleeves. Her shoes are red blue vinyl slip-ons. Baby wears a matching outfit of dress, panties and bonnet. This outfit was also available in a blue version, and possibly a green version. The other outfit Mommy Dollikin wears is a powder blue and white striped sweater, with corduroy slacks with braid trim up the outer seams. The slacks are most often yellow, but have also been found in a deep wine color. Her baby wears matching corduroy overalls.

Mommy Dollikin & Her Lovable Baby by Uneeda

In addition to graphics extolling the virtues of posability, Mommy Dollikin’s packaging pictured a backdrop of idyllic suburban family life, with Dad at the barbecue and Rover ready to fetch the paper. The doll reclines on what is meant to represent a chaise longue.

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