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Scan from 1957 Sears Christmas Book. Courtesy of WishbookWeb..

Ideal’s Revlon Doll was the epitome of glamour in the late 1950s. In addition to the regular line, Ideal also made the 18″ and 20″ dolls in a Walking version that was advertised in the Sears catalog in 1957. The dolls “walk” by means of a mechanism inside the torso; when one leg is moved forward, the other moves back, and the doll’s head turns from side to side. The hardware inside the head tends to give the doll a flat-faced look.

The Walking Revlon Doll was available in two different outfits for both sizes.
Snow Pink is a sleeveless rayon taffeta dress with two tiered skirt, with tulle overlay on the top tier, square neckline, cluster of flowers at waist; pearl jewelry.
Evening Star is a taffeta dress woven with metallic threads, attached belt, sewn-in half slip; cotton velvet coat with rabbit fur trim; earrings, necklace and ring.
The banner tag on the front of the dresses read “Walking Revlon Doll”. These dolls and their outfits are very hard to find.

Another Walking Revlon doll was available through the Sears catalog in 1957 under their Happi-Time label. See the Happi-Time Revlon Doll page for more info.

Walking Revlon Doll in Snow Pink outfit.

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