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Ideal’s Revlon Doll in Kissing Pink outfit. It was also available in pink and yellow versions.
Photo courtesy of American Beauty Dolls Shop.

Ideal’s Revlon Dolls (1956-60) were sold in many different outfits. The three major series of outfits were “Kissing Pink,” “Cherries a la Mode,” and “Queen of Diamonds.” Within these series there were also many variations, and there were other series and other outfits as well. Some outfits were only available for certain sizes. The 18″ and larger size dolls generally wore black elastic-strap shoes. The 15″ size usually had black plastic mules. All dolls (except dolls in teddies or pants outfits) wore a pink taffeta petticoat and panties, and nylon hose.

Photo courtesy of Wishbook Web.

Dolls dressed in “Kissing Pink” outfits were the lowest priced. For jewelry, they wore a pearl necklace. Later editions had drop pearl earrings as well.

  • Striped dress in blue, pink or yellow and white with self bow and rhinestone at neckline. See photo at top. The bow on the 15″ version is black rather than self fabric.
  • Puffed-sleeve taffeta and nylon dress with rounded neckline, in pink with flocked red hearts, or in navy blue or red with white flocked hearts. See photo above.
  • Plain taffeta dress with square neckline in various colors. This is the dress pictured on the cover of the Revlon box.
  • Red or blue cotton print dress; matching long sleeved solid color knit jacket ties at waist.

    Photo courtesy of Wishbook Web.

  • Short-sleeved dress in large scale square/flowered print with cowl neckline, rhinestone trim on bodice. See photo above.
  • Green or champagne taffeta dress with short puffed sleeves, lace trim in a V pattern on bodice.
  • Linen dress with pointed collar, cap sleeves, in coral, pink or mustard with scattered black horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Nylon organdy print dress in various colors with lace trim at neckline and sleeves, black velvet ribbon waistband. Rare.
  • 15″ size only: Floral dress with organdy cowl neckline; available in blue/green or gold/orange print. See photo below.
  • 15″ size only: Cotton floral print in various colors. Same style as the striped dress, with black flat bow at neckline.

One of the outfits only sold on the 15″ Revlon dolls. Shoes not original.

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