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Scan from 1959 Sears Christmas Book, courtesy of WishbookWeb..

Revlon Deb Doll in one of the extra boxed outfits that were available. This gown was also sold in an aqua version.

Toward the end of production the 15″, 18″ and 20″ Revlon Dolls by Ideal were also sold in a black and white lace-print teddy with black satin ribbon straps. These are called “Deb” dolls. An 18″ doll was sold in a very rare lavender gingham two piece swimsuit. Evening gowns and day dresses were sold separately to dress them in. The gowns are very rare. Some of these extra boxed outfits have the Revlon banner tag on the front of the dress like the dressed dolls, but not all.

Floral print gown sold as an extra boxed outfit for Ideal’s Revlon Doll. It came in blue or multicolor versions as well as the orange.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller lovethatscooba!

  • Pale pink taffeta and tulle with lace overlay on bodice. There is a matching Little Miss Revlon outfit.
  • Pink or aqua jacquard taffeta with one shoulder strap; pink tulle flounce on shoulder with pink flowers. See photo above.
  • Strapless dress with black velvet bodice, brocade skirt in pale pink or blue, with large self bow at waist; pearl jewelry.
  • Large scale floral print in blue, orange or multicolor print, with tulle shoulder straps, bodice overlay and drapery at waist. See photo above.
  • Gown with satin bodice in emerald green or ruby red, with white nylon taffeta skirt. May be strapless or have thin spaghetti straps.
  • 7R2 – Cotton print dress with cowl neckline, waistband and sleeve bands in solid color trim. Available in several color combinations.
  • Taffeta dress in various pastel colors with white and gold swirl print, dropped waist with waistband, sleeve bands.
  • Nylon dress with scattered print of pale red hearts. Lace trim at neckline and armholes. Black ribbon at waist. See photo below.
  • Halter top dress with black velvet bodice and brightly colored cotton print skirt, usually red or blue with black and gold print. The red version matches a Little Miss Revlon outfit.
  • Nylon dresses in various prints with short sleeves, down the front of the bodice there is a strip of black velvet ribbon accented with rhinestones and trimmed on either side with white lace.
  • Mustard yellow cotton print blouse and skirt with black and white rickrack edging on blouse.
  • Aqua faille coat with white collar and cuffs. Little Miss Revlon has a matching coat.

    Extra boxed outfit for Ideal’s Revlon Doll.

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