Jun 172013

Ideal’s Electroman was sold in 1977. He is 16″ tall, all hard plastic and jointed at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. His red plastic helmet is molded onto his head, and has a light with motion detector on the front. He takes 3 “C” batteries and on his back is a switch to set it to Guard, Radar or Stun. He wears a synthetic jumpsuit with attached silvery belt with plastic buckle, and cape. A stylized, silvery letter “e” is attached to his chest. He wears rubber boots (to protect himself from electric shocks, no doubt) with embossed lightning bolts down the front. He has painted blue eyes and his hands are cupped to hold objects.

Electroman’s adversary, is Zogg the Terrible, a monster with a large reflector on his forehead. A “laser” gun, sold separately, could be used to knock Zogg out if Electroman was busy.

These dolls, excuse me, action figures, were not big sellers and Zogg in particular is very hard to find. Ideal apparently used up extra Electroman jumpsuits for some of their other dolls, as Tiffany Taylor and Magic Hair Crissy have been found wearing it.

Copyright 2013 by Zendelle Bouchard

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