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Ideal’s Baby Mine doll has unusual painted side-glancing sleep eyes.

11″ Baby Mine is part of the line of inexpensive hard plastic “dress me” dolls produced by Ideal Toy Corp. in the early 1950s. Ideal had previously used the Baby Mine name for a composition doll. Baby Mine has no specified gender, so she could be dressed as either a boy or girl.

Baby Mine is constructed more like a toddler doll than a baby.

Body Construction
Baby Mine is 11″ tall, all hard plastic, with molded light brown hair, painted blue side-glancing sleep eyes, and jointed (strung) shoulders and hips. Despite the name, Baby Mine’s straight legs and flat feet classify her as more of toddler than a baby doll. Her right arm is bent.

Baby Mine’s bent right arm is reminiscent of composition dolls made 20 years earlier.

Baby Mine is embossed IDEAL DOLL on his back.

Baby Mine was sold wearing only a diaper held on with a safety pin. The craft company Bucilla sold “thrift kits” which included all the materials to make outfits for Baby Mine. For this reason, he is also sometimes called the Thrift Kit Doll. You can see photos of the dolls in finished outfits here.

Ad from Fall/Winter 1952-53 issue of McCall’s Needlework magazine. Click on the photo to see a full size version.

Baby Mine was sold in a box with a clear cellophane window.

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