May 232016

Sweet Ann doll by Deluxe Reading has a sweet face. Her box has an illustration of her against a blue background. Photos courtesy of Francie Owens.

Sweet Ann and Sweet Gail are the same doll, only the color of their gown differentiates them. They were sold in grocery stores in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

Body Construction
Sweet Ann and Sweet Gail are among Deluxe Reading’s larger glamour dolls at 30″ tall. They are made of rigid vinyl or hard plastic, with a softer vinyl head, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips.

She is marked “AE251/3” or “AE251/4G” on the back of her neck.

Sweet Ann wears her fabulous red gown with silver and white underskirt, with red mitts. The bright red satin fabric fades to a duller red or orange over time. Around her neck is a pearl choker, and she wears drop pearl earrings and a tiara of silver sequins. Sweet Gail wears the same style gown, except that it is royal blue instead of red. This blue has often faded to purple over time.

Sweet Ann’s original box is pictured above. Sweet Gail’s is the same basic design, but the dress is blue and the background is red.

This doll has lost her jewelry, but her dress retains its vibrant red color.

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