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Little Miss Fussy doll by Topper Toys.

Notice the long nipple on Little Miss Fussy’s bottle.

Li’l Miss Fussy is a battery-operated baby doll who kicks and cries (more of squeak, actually) when she needs to be changed. The secret is in the long nipple of her special bottle, and the metal tabs on her diapers which insert into slots in her right side. She comes with two diapers – one has a triangular metal tab, and the other a rectangular tab. After her bottle is inserted and removed, she will kick her legs and make noise until the diaper is removed. You can then dress her in the other diaper and do it over again.

Little Miss Fussy doll by Topper Toys

Little Miss Fussy has slots in her right side where the tabs on her diapers fit.

Body Construction
Li’l Miss Fussy is 18″ long, with a rigid vinyl head and arms, blow molded vinyl bent legs, and hard plastic torso. She has blonde hair styled with curls on top, and blue eyes with brush lashes that do not close. She has an adorable face. She needs 2 “D” cell batteries to operate.

Her diapers close with snaps on the side. Next to the snap on the right side, is the special metal tab that fits into the doll’s body.

Li’l Miss Fussy wears a pink cotton dress trimmed with synthetic lace and pink satin bow, her diaper of woven fabric, and terry cloth booties.

She is marked “K 29 // DELUXE TOPPER // 19(copyright symbol)67” on the back of her head.

Little Miss Fussy doll by Topper Toys

Li’l Miss Fussy’s box has a clear color photo of her on the front. It states “As Seen on TV” so a commercial must have been made.

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  4 Responses to “Li’l Miss Fussy doll by Topper Toys”

  1. Hi
    I have a Lil Miss Fussy that my sister bought to replace the original that she cut the hair off of when we were kids. (I asked for and got it for Christmas in 1967.)
    She saw it in an antique shop and thought “Damn. It’s about time I replaced that Doll.” This was about 30 years after what I still refer to as “the incident”. Obviously, I really loved that doll. lol
    She has her dress and diaper but both are badly stained. I’d like to replace them with the originals as well as the booties. (The bottle would be nice too but I’m most concerned about her clothing).
    I saw your site here and wondered if you might have an idea of were I could find these items.
    I thank you for any help you can give me.

    Suzanne Gill

    • Suzanne, Unfortunately it is always harder to find original clothes for dolls than the dolls themselves. But the best source to find something like this would be eBay. You might end up having to buy another entire doll (maybe also a haircut victim) to get the pieces you need. Sorry I can’t be more help, but there just isn’t a good source for the original clothing of vintage dolls.

  2. Omg. I had this doll when I was in maybe 2nd grade. Been looking for it for so long..,

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