Marybel, the Doll Who Gets Well

Marybel, the Doll Who Gets Well by Madame Alexander

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  1. I have a mary bel the doll that gets well as show in the photo with the box and all accessories, What is it worth.

    • The value on the vintage Marybel dolls has come down in recent years, since Alexander reissued her in the late ’90s. If she is in mint condition, by which I mean never played with, she may be worth $100 or so; if in played with condition, closer to $50. Thanks for your question.

  2. Hi
    I have a Marybel that needs to be restrung. One thing that I really need to know is concerns her twist around waist. Does the upper chest part fit over the lower abdomen. I am nervous about forcing the chest over the lower abdomen but it does not look right the way it is? Thanks so much.

    • Jean, the top of the lower torso should easily sit just inside the edge of the upper torso. If you have to force it to fit, then something is wrong. You may have a wrong piece or something.

    • Jean, I just realized there are two versions of Marybel’s body. You must have the second one. There is supposed to be a gap between the upper and lower torso – the two pieces don’t fit snugly together. The upper part just sits lightly on the ball of the lower part, so she can rotate. Getting just the right tension in the stringing is tricky. Sorry if my previous answer didn’t make sense.

  3. Hello Zendelle,
    I found a very good condition Ellen Turner doll (Kate From Down the Road) and wonder about the artist and the doll’s value. I can’t seem to find much on Ellen Turner. I appreciate your interest.

    • Ellen Turner was a member of NIADA, the National Institute of American Doll Artists. I don’t know if she is still living, but the most recent reference to her that I could find, refers to her in the past tense, so I suspect she may be deceased. There are a few pages about her, with color photos of several dolls, in the book “The Art of the Doll” which NIADA put out in 1992. AbeBooks has a few copies listed. There is also an article about her in the July/August 1983 issue of National Doll World, but I don’t have the article so I don’t know how long it is or what’s in it. As far as values go, I have found sold examples online ranging from $50 to $133. There are a few on eBay priced between $300 and $400, but that seems unrealistic – I have not found a sold example from the past few years anywhere close to that.

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