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While Madame Alexander’s vintage Elise doll is most commonly found as a bride or ballerina, she has many dresses, skirts and pants outfits too, with wonderful details. There are matching Cissy and Cissette outfits for several of these ensembles.
Please note: Alexander used the same stock numbers repeatedly. The number at the end of the description refers to the source where a photo of the outfit may be found. See legend at bottom of page.

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Day Dresses

Year? – #? – Red polished cotton dress with fitted bodice, full gathered skirt, short sleeves, white collar and cuffs, three white buttons on bodice; white hat with red ribbon trim and streamers.

Year? – #? – Light blue taffeta dress with diamond-shaped rhinestone brooch; matching long-sleeved bolero jacket; blue organdy hat with pink flower and net veil; clover-shaped earrings; flocked(?) petticoat; white taffeta panties. May be the same as #1643 from 1957.

#1610 – 1957 – Pink and white taffeta gingham dress has a fitted bodice, full gathered skirt, white nylon organdy puffed sleeves with lace trim, peter pan collar; white straw hat with pink field flowers; white lace slip with scalloped hemline; white taffeta panties; stockings; pink high-heeled sandals. Color in #2

#1632 – 1957 – Dark brown jumper has a flared skirt with inverted pleat at front; soft pink crepe blouse with bow at neckline, three quarter sleeves; brown straw hat; charm bracelet; elastic strap sandals. Color in #2

#1636 – 1957 – Purple taffeta dress; two-tone purple bow tie; white coat; white furry hat; purple elastic-strap heels. B&W in #4

#1640 – 1957 – Pink taffeta dress; chocolate brown velvet coat with pink taffeta lining and bow at neck; brown hat trimmed with pink roses. B&W in #1

#1643 – 1957 – Blue sleeveless taffeta dress with pink flowers at waist; matching bolero jacket; pink flowers in hair; black elastic-strap heels. B&W in #4

#1710 – 1958 – Dark polished cotton dress with white polka dots, short puffed sleeves with white cuffs, full skirt; straw hat with dotted tulle veil. B&W in #1

#1718 – 1958 – Pink shadow printed nylon shirtwaist dress has horizontal rows of lace trim on bodice, three-quarter sleeves with cuffs trimmed with lace; straw hat trimmed with tulle and roses. Matches Cissy outfit #2230. Color in #12

#1732 – 1958 – Cotton shirtwaist dress with three-quarter sleeves with cuffs, came in variations of print and color; belt; purple straw hat with flowers has tulle streamers to tie under neck; purse with flowers; earrings and ring. Matching Cissy outfit was made. Color in #12 (butterfly print)

#17-18 – 1959 – Moire shirtwaist dress with pointed collar and cuffs. Sold extra. Matches Cissy outfit #22-18. B&W in #1

#1815 – 1959 – Sheer nylon dress of pale pink with flowers has puffed sleeves and full skirt; darker pink velvet ribbon at waistline; pink straw hat with flowers and veil; pearl necklace & earrings; ring; nylon taffeta slip; panties; stockings; gold elastic-strap sandals.

#? – 1960 – Blue on white/white on blue polka dotted cotton dres with sash at waist, open puffed sleeves; white straw hat with flowers; high-heeled elastic-strap sandals. B&W in #4

#18-8 – 1961 – Sleeveless polished cotton dress with fitted bodice, full skirt, wide lace trim at hem. Sold extra.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls

#18-9 – 1961 – Sleeveless dress with wide ruffle at neckline, full skirt, sash that ties in back. Sold extra. B&W in #4

#18-10 – 1961 – Shirtwaist dress with pointed collar, elbow-length sleeves, pockets, cuffs and yoke of Swiss embroidery. Sold extra. B&W in #1

#? – 1962 – Teal blue and white checked shirtwaist dress with lace trim on bodice, white collar, white cuffs on three-quarter length sleeves; long-sleeved blue coat with collar, cuffs, covered buttons; matching hat with flowers and feathers trim; can-can slip; panties; nylon stockings; high heeled sandals; pearl earrings. Color in #2

#? – Year? – Yellow dotted swiss shirtwaist dress with lace trim on bodice, collar and cuffs; blue wool coat with yellow taffeta lining; blue straw hat with yellow veil.

#? – Year? – Red v-neck polished cotton jumper; white dotted swiss blouse with peter pan collar, puffed sleeves, 3 buttons on front for decoration.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls


Year? – #? Red skirt of unpressed pleats with gold elastic waistband; white sweater with red and blue horizontal stripes, three-quarter sleeves, red bow at neck. Color in #6

Year? – #? – Pink and white striped cotton blouse with elbow-length sleeves, lace ruffles down front; matching culottes; matching long pleated skirt. B&W in #4

Year? – #16-45 – Short sleeve light-colored blouse with darker trim on cuffs, buttons down front; matching shorts; matching button-front skirt. Sold extra. B&W in #4

#? – 1957 – Velveteen pants; white long-sleeved blouse with lace ruffles down front; wide sash ties around waist. B&W in #3

#? – 1958 – Aqua blue slacks with gold elastic waistband; Red midriff top; long white jacket with elbow-length sleeves, mandarin collar. Matching Cissy and Cissette outfits available.
Photos courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls
#1720 – 1958 – Navy blue blazer with “yacht club” insignia, three brass buttons; white halter top; white slacks with navy or red piping; navy or red elastic-strap sandals. Cissy and Cissette had matching outfits.
Photos courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls

#16-40 – 1958 – Yellow and white striped swimsuit/playsuit; matching skirt ties around waist; yellow straw hat with green and red ribbon and fruit; low heeled shoes. Sold extra. Matches Cissette #805. B&W in #4

#? – 1959 – Striped skirt and sweater. Sold extra. B&W drawing in #4

#1816 – 1959 – Printed sateen skirt; white lace-trimmed nylon blouse with puffed sleeves; crushed taffeta belt; nylon petticoat; flower-trimmed straw hat; jeweled earrings and pendant; black elastic-strap heels.
Photos courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls

#18-20 – 1961 – Pleated skirt and vest of pique; checked cotton blouse with collar and cuffs. Sold extra. B&W in #1

#1705 – 1963 – Checked shirt; matching shorts; wraparound corduroy skirt lined with taffeta; nylon hose; elastic strap high-heeled shoes; earrings.

#1710 – 1963 – Riding outfit of brown and white checked long-sleeved jacket with brown buttons; white blouse; brown jodhpurs with tan patches on inner calves; brown and white boots; cap.
#? – Year? – Royal blue turtleneck sweater; brightly colored geometric print pants.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.
#? – Year? – Light blue jacket has cuffed sleeves, no collar; matching pleated skirt.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls
Red pants with gold elastic waistband; sheer white blouse has lots of lace trim. Sold extra.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.
Red jacket with 3 buttons; white pants with gold elastic waistband, red piping down outer seams. Sold extra.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

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