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These were all boxed fashions.

#21-31 – Red coat with black and white polka dot bow; skirt of the same fabric as the bow; natural straw hat. 1957.

#? – Year? – Red velvet coat, red daisy closure at neckline; natural straw hat with matching daisies. Color in #7.

#? – Year? – Full length white satin opera coat, large red velvet bow at neckline. Color in #7

#? – 1955 – Rose velvet coat with peter pan collar, three matching buttons. Color in #7

#? – 1956 – Garnet or green velvet coat, no collar, long sleeves with cuffs; matching hat appears to be straw with flowers. B&W in #7

#? – 1957 – Pink spring coat, taffeta lined, peter pan collar, flowers at neckline. Hat was sold separately. B&W in #7

#? – 1957 – Buff colored faux fur swing coat, matching hat and muff. Color in #7

#? – 1958 – Navy flannel coat with large collar, red bow at neckline, long sleeves have cuffs; navy straw hat with flowers and veil. Color in #7.

#? – 1959 – Wool coat & matching hat in choice of brown, coral or royal blue. Other colors may have been available.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls


Cissy’s accessories were sold in many different sets. Here are some of the combinations that were available.

Blue plastic comb, brush and mirror; six metal hair curlers; blonde braid and hair piece; four hairpins with pink and yellow satin bows; hairnet; hair lotion and hair cream; 2 plastic compacts and lipstick.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

#22-90 – year? – Pink mirror & comb; rhinestone bracelet; black & white cameo on black velvet ribbon; watch on gold chain; white hankie with lace edging; tortoiseshell-type sunglasses with flowers at corners; pearl earrings; floral bouquet in clear plastic box with carrying strap. Color in #2

#? – Year? – Faux fur stole with pink roses; sunglasses; jeweled watch pin; rhinestone bracelet, ring and earrings; pearl necklace and earrings; bouquet of flowers in clear plastic purse; white hankie with lace trim; elastic-strap sandals; nylon hose. Variations in color of stole, sunglasses and shoes exist. Color in #7

#? – 1955 – High heeled elastic strap sandals and nylon stockings.

#? – 1956 – Mink stole; evening bag; glasses; ring; bracelet.

#? – 1957 – Faux fur stole with flowers; glasses; cameo on ribbon; purse (?). B&W in #1

#? – 1957 – Faux fur stole with flowers; gold slippers; nylon stockings; sunglasses; handbag; hankie.

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