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Note: the number at the end of the description refers to the source where a photo of the outfit may be found. See legend at bottom of page.

Color Choice

Vintage Cissy doll #2036 by Madame Alexander #2036 (1956) Pink or dark red sleeveless taffeta gown with dropped waist, flared skirt, diagonal side drapery held in place with rhinestone pin, rhinestones at either side of neckline; pearl earrings; flowers in hair; plastic box tied with ribbon holds corsage. This dress came in many variations of shade and fabric.
Photo at near left courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls

Multicolored Prints

#2282 (1958) White tulle over satin gown with pink, green & white flocked flowers and rhinestones, gathered bustline; white hat of horsehair brad trimmed with large flowers; long white fingerless gloves; pearl necklace; earrings; solitaire ring. Color in #2, #7 and #8

#2283 (1958) White silk ball gown with dark pink printed camellias; long velvet cape stole, lined to match dress; flowers in hair with veil; rhinestone pin on bodice; rhinestone necklace, earrings & ring; nylon panties; full hoop underskirt; stockings; red sandals. Color in #2, #7 and #8


#2095 (1955) White organdy gown trimmed with rows of shirred val lace and red rosebuds, short puffed sleeves; red satin sash; white straw braid picture hat trimmed with red ribbon and small red velvet flowers; red satin handbag; ruby ring. Color in #2 and #7
Photo courtesy of Withington Auction, Inc.

#? (1956) Embroidered white silk pongee gown with sweetheart neckline, trimmed at neckline with tulle ruffle matching the deep tulle flounce of the skirt, large red rose at waistline; matching white stole; full white taffeta slip; lace chemise; cameo earrings; single stone necklace; solitaire ring; stockings; gold sandals. Color in #2

Mauve & Pink

#2100 (1955) Mauve taffeta torso-fitting gown with flared decolletage, wide pink braid around neckline, full flounce at knees decorated with wide ribbon gathered into a bow, caught on both sides with a gold circle centered with five pearls; double drop pearl earrings; pearl necklace; wide rhinestone and gold bracelet; long white fingerless gloves; gold heels. Variations in the taffeta ribbon exist. Color in #2, #6, #7 and #8

#2041 (1956) Pink satin princess-cut gown with flowers at neckline; full taffeta petticoat; gray faux fur stole lined with pink satin; jeweled earrings.
Photos courtesy of Lisa Hanson and Nancy McKee.
#2160 (1957) Short-sleeved gown of dotted nylon net over blush pink taffeta with lace trim at neckline; wide satin sash hangs to floor in back; large picture hat of horsehair braid, trimmed with flowers; pearl necklace; rhinestone earrings; solitaire ring.
Photos courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.


#2285 (1958) Red taffeta gown with short sleeves, v-neck, flared skirt; sheer red full-length tulle stole with iridescent dots, caught at waistline with rhinestone clasp; pearl necklace; pearl drop earrings; solitaire ring; stockings; silver heels. Color in #2 and #8

Gold to Yellow

#2094 (1955) Pale yellow gown of heavy slipper satin with gathers at shoulders; muff of matching nylon tulle covered with red roses; necklace and earrings of rhinestones and topaz; solitaire ring. Color in #8

#2098 (1955) Gold taffeta gown with full, flaring skirt; matching short evening cape trimmed with gold braid; gold hoop earrings; emerald ring; white lace hankie. Color in #7

#? (1957) Gown with sheer overskirt with gold thread filigree in a large floral pattern, gold lame half bodice & sleeves; gold lame fingerless gloves; unusual crown. Color in #2


#? (1957) Green net over satin gown. B&W in #3


#2097 (1955) Blue satin gown with three sapphire colored rhinestones at neckline & at each corner of cap sleeves, smaller blue stones and silver & white braid trim decorate front of dress; rhinestone bracelet and three stone ring; ostrich feather fan; coronet of flowers and jewels.
Photos courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

#? (1956) Pale blue tulle (?) gown with blue dots, large pink rose at waist; pearl necklace and earrings. B&W in #3

#2035 (1956) Sheer baby blue organdy gown with elbow length sleeves, three tiered full skirt trimmed with rosebuds, organdy sash; wide brimmed straw hat with baby rosebuds, tied with veil. Color in #2 and #7

#2041 (1956) Pale blue satin v-neck ball gown with cascading side drapery; taffeta petticoat; faux fur shoulder shrug lined with satin; jeweled earrings; solitaire ring. Color in #3, #7 and #8

#2172 (1957) Blue lace print gown of heavy faille with circular skirt, fully lined. Velvet sash, caught at waistline with corsage of roses; white, satin lined, faux fur cape stole; long white fingerless gloves; lingerie; pearl necklace and earrings; bracelet; ring; flowers in hair. The gown was also sold as a boxed fashion with a taffeta petticoat. There is also a variation made with a pale blue brocade fabric.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls

#2175 (1957) Pale aqua glass cloth sleeveless low-necked gown with matching attached shoulder shrug, pink rosebuds at center front of wrap and on one side of skirt, catching it up to show nylon half slip trimmed with ruffles of nylon lace; black velvet choker with blue jewel; straw hat with pink rosebuds; pearl earrings; silver heels;necklace of black velvet (?) with blue stone (?). Color in #2 and #6

_2176a (2K) #2176 (1957) Pale blue taffeta gown with fitted bodice, 3/4 length puffed sleeves trimmed with large pink roses, very full skirt; large matching hat ties under chin with long ribbons, trimmed with pink roses; pearl bracelet; solitaire ring. Called Gainsborough Cissy.


#2174 (1957) Purple velvet tight fitting gown with pink satin-lined decolletage and wide flares of lilac nylon tulle from knee to hem, accented with large bunch of pink roses; rhinestone dress clip, earrings, ring & bracelet. Color in #2, #7 and #8

#2254 (1958) Gown of pale lavender satin under dotted swiss, attached matching dotted swiss stole; pink rose corsage bouquet at waist. B&W in #4

#? (1961) Lilac taffeta gown has tulle overskirt and tulle flounce at shoulders, v-neck, large pink roses at shoulders and cascading from waistline; fingerless gloves; ring and earrings; velvet ribbon in hair. Color in #7
Photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls


#2043 (1956) Black velvet torso-hugging gown with flaring decolletage, nylon tulle flounce from knees to floor, lined in pink satin or taffeta, trimmed with pink rosebuds at shoulder and at the flounce.
Photos courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.
#2173 (1957) Black velvet gown cut on princess lines has shoulder straps and black-and-silver trim at top of bodice; black or white faux fur stole with corsage of roses; pearl necklace & earrings or rhinestone teardrop earrings; rhinestone bracelet; long black fingerless gloves; crinoline slip; panties; silver sandals; flowers in hair. (Stole in photos is not the original one.) Color in #2, #6 and #7
Photos courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls

#2284 (1958) Black evening gown with straps; white (?) stole with flower trim; long black fingerless gloves; rhinestone bracelet. B&W in #3

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