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Lovely vintage Cissy doll. Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

Cissy, released in 1955, was the first of the modern fashion dolls. What set Cissy apart as something new and different was her mature figure with high-heeled feet. She was an expensive doll at the time, and today a dressed doll in mint condition commands a very high price.
Cissy was the most prominent doll in Alexander’s catalog from 1955 through 1959. In 1960, however, she took a back seat to the new “Playpal” type dolls, and was missing from the catalog altogether, although she was still available and was also being advertised under other names.
Cissy has been reissued in recent years in many glamorous outfits.

Body Construction
Cissy began her life as a 20″ doll, but starting in 1958 was described as being 21″ tall. She is made of hard plastic with vinyl arms, and is jointed at neck, hips, waist, shoulders, elbows and knees. Some of the later dolls were issued with one-piece (non-jointed) arms. Her hair colors include blonde, ash blonde, brunette or redhead, and her hair is styled into elegantly coiffured wigs. She has blue sleep eyes with painted lashes and feathered eyebrows. Many Cissys have a walking mechanism, but not all.

Basic Cissy doll by Alexander. Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

Cissy is marked “Alexander” on the back of her head. Some dolls are also marked “Mme Alexander” on their bodies.

Cissy was available as a basic doll, sold in underwear and mules, or as a dressed doll in a variety of evening wear, bridal gowns, afternoon and day dresses, and casual outfits. Her wardrobe was nothing short of stunning, made with the highest quality materials and the best craftsmanship available. Most of her clothes bore “Cissy” tags, but many were untagged. For a detailed list of her clothing, with many photos, see the links below.

Cissy was sold in the typical Alexander blue box.

Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

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  2. Hi, Can you help solve an argument? Were any of the 1950s Cissy dolls brown eyed?
    thank you

    • Brown eyes were certainly not a regular option with Cissy – but I wouldn’t go so far as to say there were no brown eyed Cissys. They were making children’s toys (not the collectibles of the future!) and if they happened to run out of blue that day, would likely have used whatever was on hand.

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