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10″ Margot by Alexander. Photo courtesy of Nancy McKee.

In the 1950’s Madame Alexander used the name Margot for a 14″ ballerina doll with the Margaret face mold. But 1961, the 10″ version of Margot was introduced. She is an all hard plastic glamour doll, the same doll as Cissette, but has an upswept hairdo with a spit curl over her left eye. 10″ Margot is most commonly found as a brunette but blondes were made as well. She has the same dramatic eye paint as Jacqueline. Margot dolls were later used for some of the Portrette series. See a closeup photo of the above doll here. See a back view here.

Margot had several different outfits available. This may not be a complete list.

#? – Silver stretch top (probably came with pants)
#? – Blue and white top with vertical stripes, Mandarin collar, three buttons; orange pants. Sold separately. See photo above.
#? – Pink nylon nightie; black lace peignoir with pink ribbon tie. Sold separately. #905 – Black pants; white eyelet top.
#910 – Black velvet panty; red or yellow satin brocade halter top with gold straps; black elastic-strap heels; pearl drop earrings. See photo at top. This photo shows a variation of the top.
#920 – Purple or lavender satin princess-cut gown with sequined straps; may have matching stole rhinestone or pearl drop earrings; bracelet.
#925 – White satin gown and matching long cape with high collar.
#0965 – Silver lame gown with rhinestone straps, small blue velvet bow at waist. See photo below.
#0970 – Pink pique coat with elbow-length sleeves, trimmed in green rickrack; matching hat. Sold separately. See photo at bottom.

Vintage Margot doll by Madame Alexander.

Photo courtesy of Withington Auction, Inc.

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