Look at & learn about dolls:
Doll Reference – a great site with pictures and info on all types of dolls from antique to modern.
Doll Collecting at – mostly geared to new dolls, but has some good articles on vintage dolls too.
Deluxe Doll House is devoted to the wonderful dolls made by Deluxe Reading. This very extensive site by Deanna Kruger has lots of photos and information.
Dollikin Friends is a club on Yahoo devoted to Uneeda’s 19″ Dollikin.
Here you will find photos, information, a message board, chat
room and more.
Val’s World showcases the wonderful doll collection of Valerie Myers. Lots of great pictures and information here.
Golden Rose Dolls – Lisabeth and Linda have a really nice site devoted to glamour dolls.
Vogue Jill, Jan and Jeff page by Vicki Broadhurst has great photos of these dolls in all their outfits.
The Bleu Door has a wonderful section devoted to Betsy McCall paper dolls.
Black Doll Collecting is Debbie Behan Garrett’s blog. She mostly writes about new dolls, but there is some excellent information on vintage dolls here, too.
Fashion Doll Guide is an awesome site devoted to vintage Barbie, her friends and family.
Who’s That Doll? is a comprehensive site devoted to 6.5″ fashion dolls like Dawn, Pippa and Rockflowers, and their fashions.
Vintage Cloth Doll Patterns blog is my latest project. I have collected patterns for making cloth dolls for years, and I’m documenting them here before I downsize them.

Shop for dolls:
eBay – This link takes you right to the doll section.
Ruby Lane is a great site to shop for antiques and collectibles of all kinds. There are many doll dealers there and they have a great return policy.
American Beauty Dolls Shop specializes in hard plastic dolls in wonderful condition. Owner Nancy Stronczek has vinyl and composition dolls, too.
Hatton’s Gallery is run by well-known doll dealer Moira Hatton. She carries all types of quality antique and vintage dolls.
Toys of Another Time sells all kinds of great dolls from the ’60s and ’70s. Owner Cindy Sabulis is the author of several books on vintage dolls.
Karen’s Toys sells a variety of playthings from the 1960s to today, but her specialty is dolls of the ’70s and ’80s, like World of Love, Dawn, Hugga Bunch and Herself the Elf.
Paper Goodies From Judy’s Place is a great place to find vintage, new and reproduction paper dolls. It’s a wonderful reference source as well as an online store.

Buy stuff for your dolls:
Old Doll is a great source for photocopies of vintage patterns for doll clothing, as well as cloth dolls and stuffed animals.
Quality Vintage Doll Patterns is another site where you can find patterns to dress your vintage dolls.

Fix your dolls:
The Doll Doctors’ Association can point you toward a doll hospital in your area.
Talky Tina Press sells kits and parts to repair most any kind of vintage talking doll.
Julie Robinson repairs celluloid dolls and toys. Her website has a lot of interesting information.

Copyright 2006-13 by Zendelle Bouchard

  26 Responses to “Links”

  1. Looking for information on Miss Revlon Dolls. Sizes, names, original outfits and values ty for any information.

    • The Revlon page is here. There is a link on that page to go to the outfits page. Values on Revlon dolls have come down quite a bit in the last ten years. You can buy a played-with 18″ Revlon doll for less than $20 now on eBay. Mint in box dolls go for $200 and up. 22″ and 15″ dolls are more valuable than the 18″ and 20″ sizes. The rarity of the outfit is a factor as well. You can learn a lot just by looking at what dolls have actually sold for on eBay. Thanks for writing!

  2. I have recently made a purchase of a Jolly’s Robin doll (on e-bay) Manufacturing # 4880, Jolly Toys Inc. New York, N.Y. 10011. The dress, the doll is wearing has a white long lace overlay, satin bodice with a blue waist ribbon. I am inquiring about the company’s history, (understand that it stopped production in the late 1970’s).
    Interested to know what outfits came with the doll and the year this doll was made. The seller included many articles of clothing- (clothing outfits looks vintage). A blue cape that was included, has real fur around the trim. She is a Beauty!

    • I don’t know any more information about Robin than what I have on the Kaysam-Jolly page. Unfortunately there is no reference book on their dolls, so what little information I have has been cobbled together from various books and dolls I have seen for sale on eBay. So far, I have not seen any Jolly dolls that were sold with a wardrobe of outfits, although a few of their dolls had outfits sold separately, but I have not seen any for Robin. Real fur was very rarely used by any doll manufacturer – so it is likely that her cape at least is homemade. If your doll or her box has a zip code on it, that indicates she was made after 1963. If you come across any more information, please leave a comment on the Kaysam-Jolly page. Thanks for writing!

  3. Hello Zendelle Bouchard. Is there away to get a copy of Design # 7143 or the
    Alice Brocks #7368 fabric dolls ? My grandmother had these types of dolls. I, back in 1970’s got what was left of parts of the pattens, that my grandmother’s
    sister had; They were copied on grocery paper bags. Thanks, Dan.

  4. I found that is approx 15″ dressed in a white or off white lacey dress with a veil and holding a bouquet. I’m assuming she was a bride doll. She is stamped with KaySam 1961 on the back of her neck and lower down she is stamped with 53 15 and KaySam 1961. Does anyone know what her name might have been or anything about her?

    • Deb, bride dolls often don’t have names, and yours was probably one that didn’t. Here is a Kaysam bride on eBay in the original box – and she doesn’t appear to have a name. She is being offered for $19.99 plus shipping.

      • Thanks for the info. This particular doll has red hair. The lace on the dress is the same but a different style. Her face is defintely a match though.Unfortunately, she does not have her original box, just a mailing box.

        • If she was sold through a mail order catalog such as Sears or Montgomery Ward, she might not have had the display type box, just a cardboard mailer.

  5. A friend gave me two dolls to check out for her. Not having much luck with either one. The one sewn on tag I can read says “Pussy Pippin”. It is a cat with a composition head and cloth stuffed body with a collar. I was able to find out that Horseman made a cat and a dog plush around 1911. Can’t find any on the internet. Can you add any additional information on the cat?
    Would very much appreciate. Thanks. Kathy

    • Ursula Mertz’ book “Collector’s Encyclopedia of American Composition Dolls, Volume II” has a photo of Pussy and Puppy Pippin, and yes they were made by Horsman with a copyright date of 1911. If it’s a value you’re looking for, the only sold example I could find was from two years ago, and it went for $495 on eBay. If you can post a photo of the other doll to my Facebook page, I can try to help you identify it.

  6. My mother has a Baby Marilyn doll from the 1940’s – made by the Reliable Toy Company. She’s wearing a sheer pink, sleeveless dress, with a sheer pink shawl/jacket, and has a pink bonnet to match. She has reddish/brownish hair with some curls and some hair pins. She’s wearing cream coloured socks with shoes that have a buckle glued on. She has the original box as well. She’s considering selling this, but as no clue as to what it could go for.

    Would you be able to provide any assistance? I can provide pictures if needed.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Tracy, with composition dolls, the value is closely tied to the condition of the compo – whether it has cracks or crazing or other damage. And the values of baby dolls vary depending on size – larger (life size) babies tend to be worth a lot more than smaller ones.) If you check out my latest post here, it gives step by step instructions on how to look up values. You probably won’t find many with original boxes to compare to, though.

  7. I have a dual faced growing doll..head of plastic body cloth. Straps on to child, expandable arms and legs

  8. we have a doll that we believe is a 1936 sweetums doll in great condition original blue outfit and glass bottle. The link to the picture of the 1936 sweetums is not working or has been removed. is there anyway you can help me find a picture of one of those dolls and tell me approximitely what its worth? My husband took it to a pawn shop 4 years ago and they told him it was a 1936 sweetums and offered him $50 but when my husband didnt accept he got frustrated and went clear up to $150 and when my husband refused the man got bery irate and told him he had to make a generous profit after paying his employees and time spent finding the right buyer, at that point my husband realized it may really be worth a few hundred dolars and left. however trying to get info on the doll is not going wel. TIA

  9. I have a collection of high end antique dolls, such as a Princess Diana Bride Doll from 1981, a Romeo and a Juliet from that time period from the Danbury Mint that have never been taken out of the box. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of a collector who would be interested in these types of high end dolls. I have approximately 30 of them. I would appreciate any help I can get.
    Thank you,

    • Just for clarification, porcelain collector dolls from the ’80s are not considered antiques, and most of them would not be considered high end any longer. Values on these types of dolls have fallen dramatically, and most will now be worth much less than the original purchase price. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. For detailed information on how to find a buyer for your dolls, see my post: Selling a Doll Collection. You may also be interested in How Much is My Doll Worth?

  10. i have an old doll. it was my very first doll and i would like to find out what kind of doll it is and try to restore as close as i can to it’s original state. i can email a picture to you if you would email me your address

  11. As a child in the late 1960’s, I had a doll that I am trying to locate, but do not know who the manufacturer was nor her name. She was approximately 16″ tall, had medium brown short hair, dark brown eyes, and blue eyeshadow. I think she had blush and perhaps lipstick as well. She wore a light and dark blue dropped waist dress, with the top being light blue or white, and the bottom with vertical stripes. I am remembering it as being light and dark blue, but perhaps it was white. Her really striking feature, besides her beautiful makeup, was that her eyes were magnetic. There was a pink and gray cylindrical shaped magnet that you held in your hand and passed it over her eyes to make them open and close. Do you have any information as to who she was? If I knew her name or her manufacturer, I could locate her once more. Thank you so much!

    • Christine, your doll doesn’t ring a bell, but Deluxe Reading’s Baby Magic doll from the ’60s sounds similar – she had eyes that would open and close with the help of a “magic wand” which was a pink plastic cylinder. They may have used the same technology for other dolls as well. So I think Deluxe Reading would be your best bet to research. Unfortunately there is no reference book on their dolls.

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