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Links to some interesting doll sites

Look at & learn about dolls:
Doll Reference - a great site with pictures and info on all types of dolls from antique to modern.
Doll Collecting at - mostly geared to new dolls, but has some good articles on vintage dolls too.
Deluxe Doll House is devoted to the wonderful dolls made by Deluxe Reading. This very extensive site by Deanna Kruger has lots of photos and information.
Dollikin Friends is a club on Yahoo devoted to Uneeda's 19" Dollikin. Here you will find photos, information, a message board, chat room and more.
Val's World showcases the wonderful doll collection of Valerie Myers. Lots of great pictures and information here.
Golden Rose Dolls - Lisabeth and Linda have a really nice site devoted to glamour dolls.
Vogue Jill, Jan and Jeff page by Vicki Broadhurst has great photos of these dolls in all their outfits.
The Bleu Door has a wonderful section devoted to Betsy McCall paper dolls.
Black Doll Collecting is Debbie Behan Garrett's blog. She mostly writes about new dolls, but there is some excellent information on vintage dolls here, too.
Fashion Doll Guide is an awesome site devoted to vintage Barbie, her friends and family.

Shop for dolls:
eBay - This link takes you right to the doll section.
Ruby Lane is a great site to shop for antiques and collectibles of all kinds. There are many doll dealers there and they have a great return policy.
American Beauty Dolls Shop specializes in hard plastic dolls in wonderful condition. Owner Nancy Stronczek has vinyl and composition dolls, too.
Hatton's Gallery is run by well-known doll dealer Moira Hatton. She carries all types of quality antique and vintage dolls.
Toys of Another Time sells all kinds of great dolls from the '60s and '70s. Owner Cindy Sabulis is the author of several books on vintage dolls.
Karen's Toys sells a variety of playthings from the 1960s to today, but her specialty is dolls of the '70s and '80s, like World of Love, Dawn, Hugga Bunch and Herself the Elf.
Paper Goodies From Judy's Place is a great place to find vintage, new and reproduction paper dolls. It's a wonderful reference source as well as an online store.

Buy stuff for your dolls:
Old Doll is a great source for photocopies of vintage patterns for doll clothing, as well as cloth dolls and stuffed animals.
Quality Vintage Doll Patterns is another site where you can find patterns to dress your vintage dolls.

Fix your dolls:
The Doll Doctors' Association can point you toward a doll hospital in your area.
Talky Tina Press sells kits and parts to repair most any kind of vintage talking doll.

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