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Revlon Doll's Outfits

Click on a photo to view a larger version. These are all "Queen of Diamonds" outfits.
_20pwder (2K)
Taffeta dress
_quengrn (2K)
Velvet dress
_lacetul (2K)
Lace & tulle
_blkcoat (2K)
Velvet coat

The Revlon dolls were sold in many different outfits. The three major series of outfits were "Kissing Pink," "Cherries a la Mode," and "Queen of Diamonds." Within these series there were also many variations, and there were other series and other outfits as well. The 15" doll in particular had several outfits that were not available in the other sizes. The 18" and larger size dolls generally wore black elastic-strap shoes. The 15" size usually had black plastic mules. All dolls (except dolls in teddies or pants outfits) wore a pink taffeta petticoat and panties, and nylon hose.

"Kissing Pink" is a cotton dress with pearl necklace. Later editions had drop pearl earrings as well.

  • Striped dress in blue, pink or yellow and white with self bow and rhinestone at neckline. The bow on the 15" version is black rather than self fabric.
  • Red cotton print dress; gold or blue knit jacket lined with dress fabric.
  • White organdy blouse with puffed sleeves, lace trim; cotton print full skirt. This outfit was advertised in the Sears catalog on a bent-knee walker.
  • Short-sleeved dress in large scale square/flowered print with cowl neckline, rhinestone trim on bodice.
  • 15" size only: Floral dress with organdy cowl neckline; available in blue/green or gold/orange print.
  • 15" size only: Navy with white floral print. Same style as the striped version.
  • 15" size only: Orange/yellow/brown/green autumn leaf print dress with short sleeves, slash pockets. This may have been an extra outfit.

"Cherries a la Mode" is a nylon or plain taffeta dress; straw hat trimmed with flowers; drop pearl earrings and necklace. Note that the 15" dolls did not come with the hat.

  • Light blue, navy blue, pink or yellow nylon covered with flocked red cherries, with tulle yoke and puffed sleeves.
  • Puffed-sleeve dress with rounded neckline, in pink or navy blue with flocked red hearts, or in red with white flocked hearts.
  • Nylon allover floral print.
  • Plain taffeta dress with square neckline in various colors. This is the dress pictured on the cover of the Revlon box.
  • Pale pink or aqua taffeta dress with nylon eyelet overlay. See photo below.
  • 15" size only: Nylon dress with flocked butterflies, in navy and white or pink and pale blue.

"Queen of Diamonds" is a fancy taffeta or velvet dress, often accompanied by a separate fur stole; rhinestone earrings, necklace and solitaire ring. Shoes were usually black but sometimes matched the color of the dress.

  • Red, blue, teal or green velvet dress with short sleeves, pink taffeta sash that ties into a bow in the back; rabbit fur stole. See photo above.
  • Aqua, blue, green, red, pink or yellow brocade taffeta with net yoke, sleeves and sash; fur stole. See photo above.
  • Red velvet bodice with short sleeves; white taffeta skirt with horizontal and vertical gold threads; fur stole.
  • Sleeveless dress with gold metallic bodice, red cotton full skirt with black and gold print; red or black velvet coat; long gold scarf to match bodice fabric. See photo above.
  • Pale pink tulle and white lace dress with tiered skirt. See photo above.

Click on a photo to view a larger version.
_18bride (3K)
Snow Peach Bride
_eyelet2 (2K)
Eyelet dress
_snowpnk (2K)
Snow Pink
_pinkgwn (2K)
Glamour Gown
_18teddy (2K)

"Snow Peach Bride" is a long sleeved lace bridal gown; tulle veil with lace trim and crown of orange blossoms; bouquet with trailing white streamers; drop pearl earrings and necklace; solitaire ring; white shoes. See photo above. The 15" version is a taffeta and tulle gown with high neckline and satin ribbon bow at each hip. This version was also sold as an extra outfit.

5th Avenue was sold on the bendleg dolls. It is a pair of pants, sleeveless bodyblouse, cotton fleece coat. It was made in several color combinations.

Snow Pink was sold on a walking doll. It is a sleeveless rayon taffeta dress with two tiered skirt, with tulle overlay on the top tier, square neckline, cluster of flowers at waist; pearl jewelry. See photo above.

Evening Star was another outfit for the Revlon walkers. It is a taffeta dress woven with metallic threads, attached belt, sewn-in half slip; cotton velvet coat with rabbit fur trim; earrings, necklace and ring.

Revlon Glamour Dolls were sold in various evening gowns:

  • Pale pink taffeta and tulle with lace overlay on bodice. Matching Little Miss Revlon outfit.
  • Pink or aqua jacquard taffeta with one shoulder strap; pink tulle flounce on shoulder with pink flowers. See photo of pink gown above; aqua version is pictured on Revlon page.
  • Yellow or pale blue taffeta with tulle overskirt and attached stole; black velvet ribbon streamers from bodice; pearl jewelry. See photo on Revlon page. Sold on a walking doll.
  • Navy nylon organza with white lace trim; full attached petticoat of navy netting over a a navy satin taffeta petticoat with organza trim at the bottom. The top of the bodice has a dark navy ribbon with rhinestones which ties at the back of the neck; rhinestone teardrop earrings; black high heels with black elastic studded with a single metal ornament.
  • Strapless dress with black velvet bodice, blue brocade layered skirt; pearl jewelry; flowers in hair.

Toward the end of production the 15", 18" and 20" dolls were also sold in a black and white lace-print teddy with black satin ribbon straps. See photo above. Extra boxed outfits were available; these are now extremely rare. Some of them had a button closure rather than the typical square snaps.

  • White with red dotted swiss dress with full skirt. The 15" version has a red cowl neckline with short sleeves; 20" version has a red yolk and waistband with puffed sleeves. Both have a bias strip of red trim at the hem.
  • Bridal gown (see Snow Peach Bride above).
  • Cotton print dress with cowl neckline, waistband and sleeve bands in solid color trim. Available as light blue with pink trim; navy with pink; and orange with gold.
  • Taffeta dress in various pastel colors with white and gold swirl print, dropped waist with waistband, sleeve bands.

Thanks to Dennis Fryer, Joe and Chris Carrick, Betsy Bennett, Ginger Epling, Susan Mobley and Laura Meisner for help with this page.

Additional sources for this page include:

Copyright 1997-2007 by Zendelle Bouchard.

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